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Different positions in Java developer jobs

Updated on May 19, 2013

As you have completed your software engineering course, you must be willing to know the different types of developer jobs available. Well, you have landed on the right page. The blog post will represent different positions for Java developers, analysts, programmers, software engineers, software development managers, development leads or a solution architects with their core responsibilities. Take a thorough look at them.

As a senior Java developer:

If you have a background in UNIX or Linux, you can apply as a senior Java developer that has advanced programming skills. The developer uses latest technology to solve all challenging problems.

Job responsibilities:

  • To create Java based applications
  • To support business goals while providing proficiency in software development Lifecycle
  • To analyse, design and build component-based applications in an enterprise web delivery environment
  • To deal with complex algorithmic coding, object-oriented design, modeling techniques and systematic approaches to application integration
  • To guide junior developers and helps in architecting solutions


  • Minimum 5 to 8 years of experience in Java software development
  • Ability to design and implement Java application
  • Strong team member with excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of SQL
  • Must be reliable and attentive to every detail

As a Java consultant:

As a Java consultant you can join renowned companies that value innovative approach to any solution. Java consultant can gain unrivalled technical experience from a number of diverse projects.

Job responsibilities:

  • To analyse and design major components of the Java application
  • To provide consultation on improvements and bug fixes
  • To interact with business consultants for any requirement
  • To provide project management with tracking information and detailed planning
  • To perform integration testing and unit and record results and test cases
  • To perform maintenance and application support as technical support


Minimum 4 years of relevant experience with strong knowledge in SQL, Hibernate and spring, Oracle and JAVA/J2EE.

The ability to handle important clients

As a Java software developer:

As a software developer, you will develop new products and enhance the existing web application. As a Java software developer, you can work with a company that offers autonomy and promote creativity.

Job responsibilities:

  • To design and develop software based prototypes
  • To take part in architectural and software development activities
  • To take part in testing of prototypes
  • To build unit test and system test scripts
  • To provide troubleshooting with problem identification and solution
  • To support documentation of software design through layouts, diagrams and flowcharts
  • To support the transformation of technical design stipulations into a detailed design document

Technical Skills:

  • Knowledge regarding key concepts of software development Lifecycle
  • The development of the access database management system using JDBC
  • Development of Java multithreaded application
  • Development of web services using REST and SOAP

As a Scala Java software developer:

As a Scala Java software developer, you can build a large set of functional and non-functional tools in Scala which is a million lines of code. The main focus will be on building new applications.

Job responsibilities:

  • To combine industrial expertise with creative technology to offer critical information to leading decision
  • To build large scale sophisticated toolset
  • To resolve complex technical challenges through innovative thinking which is beyond the industrial practice
  • To work on all aspects of the software development Lifecycle. These include production deployment and operation, algorithm, specifications and implementation
  • To work with technical landscape such as Java, Eclipse, Scala and JVM


  • Ability to build up desktop application
  • Strong knowledge of mathematics, computer science and other related discipline
  • Knowledge in JVM languages especially in Scala
  • Knowledge in building and delivering scalable online application

As you now get an idea about some of the Java developer jobs, you can start applying for the required positions.


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