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Find the Perfect Job: Examples of Resumes with Different Formats

Updated on April 26, 2013

There are at least four types of resume formats: functional, chronological, transferable skills (combination), and targeted. The following information goes over the different formats for resumes and examples of resumes with different formats.

Resume Tips

should be one page
Pick the format
that shows the best picture of you
Keep your Purpose in Mind
your goal is to find the perfect job

Functional Resume

The functional resume can be extremely effective. This type of resume is best for people with work experience not related to the field they are applying for. It is also best for people with large gaps in their work history or for people who have a wide variety of experience in different areas. This resume has a different format than the normal, most commonly known resume, but can serve the purpose of finding the perfect job if it meets your needs.

In the functional resume is primarily focused on related skills and has two sections: Related Skills and Work Chronology. You can include work history, education, and volunteer work under the Related Skills section.


  1. Works for people with limited direct experience to the field.
  2. Gives you a chance to highlight skills that related to the open position.
  3. This position gives employers a strong awareness of who you are and what you can bring to the open position.
  4. Works well for recent graduates with limited experience. It allows candidates to demonstrate their skills and capabilities acquired from your studies or volunteer work.


  1. It is not very clear what kind or how much work history you have.
  2. This resume takes a while to create.
  3. You cannot demonstrate employment achievements and development in this type of resume.
  4. Some employers may have trouble finding this style of resume, which could mean they just toss it.

Functional Resume Example #1


Full Name


Telephone Number

Email Address

Professional Objective

Secretarial position where my planning and organizing skills would be utilized. (This should be longer)

Coordinating Skills

Coordinated meetings. Developed a schedule to meet the needs of the Controller. (This should be longer)

Budgeting Skills

As a treasurer at the Volunteer Network, managed $1,000.00 per month for five years. In financial classes, learned to budget time and money. (This should be longer)

Communication Skills

Developed interpersonal skills through seven years of karate lessons. Possess the ability to retain a sense of humor in a tense situation. (This should be longer)


President of PTA 2 years consecutively

(This should be longer)


References furnished upon request.

Total Functional Resume should be one full page.

Functional Resume Example #2

{Center with only your name bolded)



Telephone Number

(Far left in bold)


(At least 2 rows between each resume item)

SUPERVISION AND TRAINING (example of one skill)

(Bulleted with each phrase having a separate point).

Example: Supervised a staff, developed and monitored a training program

COMMUNICATIONS (example of another skill – good for every resume)

(Bulleted with each phrase having a separate point).

Example: Wrote office manual, provided customer service, taught classes

ORGANIZATION (a final example of a skill to put in the middle of the resume)

(Bulleted with each phrase having a separate point).

Example: Coordinated production schedules and agendas needed, balanced the bank statement and cash flow statement and presented the findings of the month to Board of Directors once a month.

Total Functional Resume should be one full page.

Chronological Resume

The chronological resume is the normal type of resume. It is progressive in nature. The work experience is presented in reverse date order. This resume highlights your employment history, and it is recommended you keep the specific job in mind that you are applying for. This type of resume is for those with a consistent related history. There is also a different type of resume that is similar. It is called a Related Experience Chronological resume. This format allows you to separate your experience from “Related Experience” to “Other Experience.” If this resume format meets your needs, you can find the perfect job using this type of resume.


  1. This is the most common type of resume, so it may be easier for employers to read it.
  2. It allows you to emphasize your past job duties. You can show your steady work history.
  3. It is very easy to prepare and maintain.
  4. Perfect resume if you have the right job experience for the job you are applying for.


  1. If you do not have experience in the industry you are aiming for, it clearly shows you do not have the proper experience.
  2. Any gaps in your employment history are very evident.
  3. It doesn’t highlight your skills and qualifications very well.
  4. This is not a good resume for those who are changing careers.

A Chronological Resume Example #1




Spread phone numbers and email addresses across the next line.

Objective: Salesman with a full range of experience and an excellent clientele base.

Summary: More than 10 years experience in all phases of the sales field. Expertise in communication and handling difficult clients. Effective supervisor of Sales personnel.



ZZZ Corporation, Omaha, Nebraska

Brought in new customers and managed the sales staff.

(Make longer)

1992 – 2000 SALESMAN

ABC Association, Boise, Idaho

Sold over $25,000 in china in the last year of employment.

(Add more work history)


Gray University, Gray, Florida

Bachelor’s in Marketing. Dean’s List with a GPA of 3.90

Special License:

Notary License #123, Omaha, Nebraska, 2000

Total Chronological Resume should be one full page.

A Chronological Resume #2




Phone Number

(Left) Job Objective

(Tab over) A trainee position leading to a branch manager for a major finance organization.

(Left) Education

(Tab over) B.A. in Marketing, 1991

Boise State University, Boise, Idaho

GPA 4.0

Additional course work in: business communication, presentations, marketing, business communication

Dean’s List, Honor’s Society, Delta Honor Society, Phi Chi Theta

(Left) Experience

(Tab over) EDITOR, The Tribune 6/00 – Present

Boise State University, Wichita Falls, Texas

Maintaining the lowest turnover rate in five years; coordinating editorial layouts and schedules; recommending cost reductions; developing a training program for new employees.

MANAGER, The Gap 9/89 – 6/00

Quail Springs Mall, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Supervised a staff of 10 full time employees, arranged work schedules, trained new workers, and reduced customer complaints.

(Left) Personal Interests

(Tab over) Coaching five-year olds in a soccer tournament, volunteering at the local soup kitchen, and participating in swim meets.

Total Chronological Resume should be one full page.

A Chronological Resume Example #3




Telephone Number

Email address

(Far left)


(Indented from the left, give them your objective.

Example: An entry level position in accounting, illustrating my academic knowledge on the subject.

(Far left)


(Indented from the left, give them your objective).

(In bold italics, enter name of degrees.)

Bachelor of Business Administration, Oklahoma Christian University.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. September 2002.

Major in the fields of accounting and finance. Additional knowledge obtained through 8 years of Spanish courses. 3.45 GPA

Master of Business Administration.Chadron State College.

Chadron, Nebraska. August 2012. Majored in Business Administration with a strong emphasis on business relations and the mastery of business strategy. 4.0 GPA.

(Bold, italic, and indent)

Organizations & Affiliations

(Bullet points indented to the right)

- Dean’s List 2002

- Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society


(Bullet points indented to the right)

- Arranged a fund raiser to help the endangered species

- Developed a complete business plan for a software company

(Far left)


(Indented from the left, give them your experiences, putting in bold and italics your job titles).

Warehouse Assistant, Marty Crane Furniture, Provo Utah, 1998 – present.

Fulfill boxes so that they may be shipped to the customer in a timely manner.

Secretary Bishop Realty, Yukon, Oklahoma, 1993-1998.

Answered all incoming mail and correspondence. Scanned, faxed, printed, and emailed documents. Answered phone calls that came in and relayed the messages to the proper realtors. Ran personal errands.

(Far left)


(Indented from the left, give them your skills in bullet points).

Examples include: computer programs you know, any programming experience you may have, any operational experience you may have with heavy equipment or forklifts, and good typing skills and 10 key by touch.

Total Chronological Resume should be one full page.

Transferrable Skills (Combination) Resume

This resume combines both the Chronological resume and the Functional resume. It presents the full picture. It provides a Personal Profile Summary. This resume allows you to display your strengths, qualifications, skills, and abilities. This is a unique resume format that can combine all of the things you need to include in your resume in order for you to find that perfect job.


  1. Display your strengths, qualifications, skills, and abilities.
  2. Great for those with a clear job focus and knowledge of the position requirement.
  3. This resume gives you a chance to de-emphasize trouble spots on your usual resume.
  4. It is easy for the employer to read. It saves them time and energy in trying to figure out what your skills are.


  1. This resume takes a lot of effort to put together.
  2. Some employers have not seen this type of resume and are confused by it.
  3. Not suitable for those with little related paid or non-paid experience or a limited number of skills.

Example of a Combination Resume


Add personal information in the same way as the Chronological resume.

(Center and bold)

Objective: Sales/Marketing Position

(Far left)

Highlights of Qualifications

(Left – indented) (Bullet point the next points)

Over 10 years of professional experience with the public.

Personable and persuasive in communicating.

Proven skill in preserving to solve customers’ problems.

Very well organized and able to meet deadlines.

(Center and bold)

Relevant Experience

(Far left) Sales & Marketing (bold)

(Left – indented) (Bullet point the next points)

Made direct presentations in meetings.

Oriented customers by answering questions and resolving problems.

(Far left) Organization & Customer Service (bold)

(Left – indented) (Bullet points the next points)

Resolved wide range of customer problems

Reduced communication barriers

Collected two million dollars in outstanding accounts.

(Center and bold)

Employment History

(Put in bullets – put in indented left position)

2000 – Present Office Manager, Garth Associates, Norman

1995 – 2000 Bookkeeper, Bay Company, Ada

1989 – 1995 Office Manager, Tax Solutions, Guthrie

(Center and bold)


(Indented left position)

B.A. Marketing – Oklahoma State University, Norman

Total Combination Resume should be one full page.

Targeted Resume

All of the previous mentioned resumes can be a targeted resume. A targeted resume is unique and most preferred by potential employers. The resume is targeted to a specific company or specific position. It is written to highlight your skills, qualifications, and experience and to show that you perfectly match the requirements of this job. Give examples on how you have the exact skills and qualifications needed for the job. Since you know the industry and have now researched the company, you can look up industry specific terms to use.

A targeted resume is suitable if you want to focus on a specific company, a specific title, specific qualifications that are required for the position in question, and your specific response to the employment advertisement. Be sure to include the EXACT title to the position you are applying for. Also, be sure all of the skills, abilities, and qualifications that are listed in the job description on this resume. The goal of this resume is for the employer to know which position you are applying for and what types of skills, abilities, and experiences you have that match that position perfectly.

The Summary of the Targeted Resume is as follows:

Objective = targeted to the employee

Highlights of qualifications = exactly what they are looking for

Experience = Most important parts related to the job

Example of a Targeted Resume




Phone Number

Email Address

(Bold) Objective: Accountant, specializing in sales and use taxes.

(Center, bold, and upper case)


(Indent and bullet points)

Excellent communication skills

Great team player


(Add more)

(Center, bold, and upper case)


(Bold each responsibility and put bullets on the details)


Reconciled loan payment records between two companies.

Paid monthly bills and processed payments.

Filed all sales and use tax.

Problem Solving

Designed a website for distributors to access their invoicing information.

Reviewed invoices for errors and returned to clerks for corrections.

(Center, bold, and upper case)


(Only bold the job titles)

2005 – Current Bookkeeper Cole, VA

2003 – 2004 Accountant Norman, OK

2001 – 2003 Investor Crescent, OK

(Center, both, and upper case)


(Put degree in bold)

B.A. in Accounting and Finance – University of San Margo

Total Targeted Resume should be one full page.

4 Main Types of Resumes

Exactly what the Employer is looking for
Chronological and Functional Resumes combined
Typical resume; work history in chronological order
Different field than your experience and education

Curriculum Value Resume

One final type of resume is the Curriculum Vitae. This resume is very long. It is a detailed summary of your academic background. You can also show off your teaching and researching experience, publications, presentations, awards, and affiliations. This type of resume is most commonly used when applying for international, academic, education, scientific or research positions or when applying for fellowships or grants.


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