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2 Hidden Benefits of Split Testing

Updated on July 29, 2016
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Melanie Green owns three writing businesses. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from National University. She lives in Tampa.


Many businesses rely on email marketing as an important part of their overall marketing strategy. But are you 100% confident that your email campaign converts the most prospects, gets opened as much as possible, and is the most effective? With A/B split testing, you can send only the best email campaign to your list.

Split testing is when you send out two or more different email variations to see how they perform against each other. If you send only small sample batches, you can see what subject lines, copy, tone, and photos work the best. Then, you can send only what worked best to the rest of your list.

Because split testing is so effective, many marketing companies recommend it for your email marketing campaigns. If you’re interested in why you should implement regular split testing, here are two hidden benefits of split testing you may not know.

Confidence in Campaign Effectiveness

You should be confident that every email you send performs the most effectively. Otherwise, it would make no sense to invest the time in creating an email marketing campaign in the first place.

When you test your campaigns, you know relatively how each email variation will perform. You have confidence that you’re investing your marketing hours in the smartest way.

Automated Decision Making

It is possible to manually run a split test using an ordinary email platform. However, there’s many reasons you wouldn’t want to. First, you’d need to segment your own list and manually send out the campaign. Second, you would try to figure out how the campaigns performed. Last, you’d need to take the time to actually send the campaign to the remainder of the list.

Investing in a proper email marketing platform, like Mail Chimp, means you can set an automated campaign that runs the A/B test for you. You just need to tell it which campaigns to compare, as well as what defines success in your business. Maybe you want the most opens or the most clicks. Then, the software program sends the rest of your list the best performing campaign.

This post was written by Melanie Green, the CEO of the Triassic Media Group, and the owner of Melanie Green Editorial Services.

© 2016 Melanie Green


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