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Direct Marketing With Postcards - What Works?

Updated on February 8, 2010

Marketing With Postcards - What Works?

Several years ago nobody would have ever questioned whether or not postcard marketing worked. A person just needed to go to their mailbox and pull out the direct mail peices that showed up that day. And if you were on one or more lists more than likely a postcard or two was included in you mailbox.

At that time almost everyone who was promoting any type of product or business opportunity was utilizing direct response marketing in one form or another and many of them were making millions of dollars in the process.

Then came the internet. Suddenly these direct response marketers discovered a way to get their message out to more people at a much lower cost. And at the time the response that they were getting online rivaled that of their offline campaigns.

But in todays environment online marketing has gotten so saturated that many marketers are making the decision to put offline marketing back into their game plan. And the reason they are doing so is because direct mail works.

It works that is if one follows a few rules.

For example, the most important part of having a successful campaign is the quality of the list that you are mailing to. Lets say you have a biz opp that you are promoting. If you decide to mail out to a generic list as opposed to a business opportunity seekers list you won't do as well.

But, if you mail out to a list of proven business opportunity buyers then you have improved your chances of a successful campaign many times over.

Next is your mailing piece. You have two choices here. First is you can mail out one of the expensive, oversized, fancy full color, glossy cards or you can opt to mail out an inexpensive, simple postcard with strong ad copy on it.

Most gurus would tell you that the expensive card gets a better response. But in my testing it is exactly the opposite. If your ad copy is strong then the simple card should out perform the expensive postcard by as much as a percent or two. Possibly even more.

Another important decision is what color and weight your card stock should be. Most would think that a very bright color would be best. But once again, in my testing a pastel will out perform a bright card almost every single time.

These are just a few things to think about when putting together a direct mail campaign with postcards.

It is probably one of the simplest forms of marketing you can do. It is easy to learn and once you have a proven campaign it is easy to duplicate.

Best of luck with your offline marketing efforts.

If you would like to reduce the trial and effort of putting together a profitable postcard marketing campaign be sure to check out this powerful postcard marketing course. With it you will know exactly what works the best and what doesn't, even before you mail out your first postcard.

About The Author

Brett Shelite AKA The HBB Advisor has been making a living online for a number of years now. In fact he has not held a J.O.B. in over 8 years now. He strongly believes that anyone can make a good living online if they find a program that they can believe in. However, he also believes that no matter how good your program may be that if a person does not know how to market properly (both online and off) that their success will be slow and difficult to obtain. If you would like more information on anything Brett is doing just visit his HBB Advisor Site.

I Refuse To Participate In A Recession

I Refuse To Participate In A Recession
I Refuse To Participate In A Recession


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    • offlineincome profile image

      offlineincome 8 years ago

      100% accurate! I use the simple, ugly postcard approach and have a 1 to 1.6 conversion ratio based on a 1,000 piece mailing. Let everyone fight for traffic I get no competition in mailboxes. Great hub

    • profile image

      business post card 8 years ago

      postcard marketing is effective in promoting your business but you have to make a captivating headline to get the interest of the prospects. You should also make the message clear and simple.