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Disappeared store floor surprising shoppers

Updated on June 23, 2015
Shoppers surprised when store floor disappears
Shoppers surprised when store floor disappears

Guerilla marketing, with creative idea can turn viral real fast. That's why so many marketers nowadays always seek for a "guerilla" or "social experiment" that make people share on Social Network. This North Face campaign proves that marketing campaign now does not necessarily require huge budget to be viral and successful, demonstrating clearly the power of social network. Watch this interesting guerilla idea:

Shoppers in Korea faced this challenge in a terrifyingly hilarious stunt by The North Face and South Korean agency Innored titled "Never Stop Exploring."

A surprising challenge was put out for the shoppers at the North Face. When those innocent shoppers are wandering around the store, the floor started to shake and slowly disappeared before their eyes. And the only solution they have, if don't want to fall down, is to grab onto the walls. This is a smart idea, which exploits the human instinct, because surely, noone is willing to fall down, even if they see the landing would be safe. Magically, after when the shoppers were hanging onto the wall, a nice North Face item appears, far enough to be out of their reach, but close enough so that they can jump and catch it. Good ideas never go old.

Jumping to grasp the free item
Jumping to grasp the free item

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