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Running A Successful Home Business: Do You Have What It Takes?

Updated on January 7, 2013
home based business
home based business

Prefer to Work From Home?

New Lifestyle: Having a home based business is a wonderful idea for men and women who want to enjoy the freedom of working from home. If you have spent your life working for someone else, working from home can be a liberating experience, everday can be a casual friday.

Many Options: The variety of jobs you can choose from makes this opportunity perfect for everyone. Starting from everyday moms that want to feel useful while taking care of a child, young adults who need some income to raise money for a holiday to those that want to elimate daily stress and workload by working in the comfort of their own home. Being a home-stay mom myself, the option of working from home has given me the opportunity to work when I want, write and paint in the comfort of my own home, whilst raising my delightful boys.

Evaluate Yourself: You may be thinking, alright this is for me too, this is just what I need `a home based business!` But honestly ask yourself, do you have what it takes? People who are interested in starting up their own home business should be able to give themselves an honest evalulation, whether this is the right option for them in the long run.

What it takes: Firstly, you would need to be self- motivated and enjoy working alone. If someone needs to have a boss tell them what to do in order to get things done, they will not do well working on their own at home. I personally, have always been self motivated and better at working on my own. So, running my own business was a wise thing to do without any additional stress, instead I feel more productive and empowered.

work from home
work from home

Those who work from home must also have all of the necessary office items they need in order to keep accurate business records. Otherwise, it is not likely to succeed in the long run. Its is essential for most business owners to have a computer, printer, fax machine and cell phone or pager.

It is best to develop some sort of easy to use filing system to keep track of orders, products slips etc. You will need this information for filing taxes. And if you are audited for any reason, you will have this information easy to access.

There were times when I felt I could not push any further and doubted whether I had made the right decision. Since that day, I decided to go at my own pace, and work online during the evenings after my boys are asleep. Do what works for you, get past your frustration points, but be aware of your limitations, so you dont burn out.

You need to utilise your own strengths and gifts; everyone has them. Be inspired, but do not focus on other peoples strengths and success, instead work with what you have. You may surprise yourself in what you can achieve! My good multi-tasking skills have come very handy, and my thirst for knowledge & wisdom, so Im constantly learning & re-learning, which has helped my business move forward. In addition, my spiritual beliefs give me the strength to keep fighting for what matters most.

Routine is favourable for business and, with raising children, but being an creative individual, I find it most challenging. Not to mention the sleepless nights! But hey, it is all worth it. Hard work always pays off ; )

Lastly, and most importantly you need to be conscious about your daily duty. Make sure you are dedicated to the job you choose, be organised and enjoy setting goals. If you have the desire to succeed, you will. Give it everything you have, heart and soul. All the best!


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