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Money Matters

Updated on July 7, 2010
Money Matters  ?
Money Matters ?

Never in my life time heard about the recession and its overall effect on the market, people and nations .But here it came on year 2007 with first big Casualty Called Lehman Brother in USA .People talked much about , new s channels heavily reported on it ,but still we thought it oversize projection of Recession .But very soon everybody started realising what is recession. From a road by Shopkeeper to CEO of big Corporate. Every body was talking about of fall in sale, fall in cash flow. Big Corporates have announce Backcurrupcies ,smalls don't have option to close down. Very few disciplined survived , few lucky people have benefited from Recession.

Many people have altered their life style may be for good or for survival.Share market crashed downed making people frustrated and hopeless. Many have lost their homes ,cars , Properties ,peace of mind ,dear ones . Recession created financial turmoil but more than that it has affected the social and individual health. Recession word is purely related to money. After experincing and witnessing such things one question predominantly come to mind Are we become slave of money matters,our life is so dependent mainly on money/finance.Can't we live life Happily with less money or financial needs. Or we can have happy and fulfilling life irrespective of money.

I have not obtained the correct answer for the same, hope somebody will give me the right answer.


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