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Does A Virtual Office Exist?

Updated on March 26, 2018

Virtual Assistance

About Virtual Offices and Workers

Virtual offices are practically a physically non-existing office. It is a creation of the advances in information technology using computer websites to revolutionize business transactions. Many people are asking, does this kind of office really exist, and how does it work?

Before this innovative approach came about, business firms had invested a lot of money towards office buildings, while others preferred to lease their space. With this non-existent office, the employer can save money on the building or rental expenses he would have normally incurred; while increasing his bottom line profit margin.

In times when businesses need to downsize and reduce costs, hiring a virtual office for services can give dramatic results, without compromising the business' goals and services provided. The savings occurred, can then be funneled into other areas the business has need.

The Internet has been the connecting link between the employer and employee under this new business model. Dependable and professional virtual employees are hired, contracts are drawn and even customers’ service can be rendered via the Internet. Several transactions are done outside the confines of the traditional brick and mortar office space, at the preference of the virtual worker and his or her boss’ discretion.

The introduction of using a virtual office has shown how the Internet facilitated the hiring process. Previously, it has been a standard operating procedure to require an applicant who must be in his best business attire and to wait for a scheduled for interview. Original documents have to be authenticated during that process to verify the data indicated in his or her resume.

It is no longer the call of the day, the applicant can relax in his own home during the interview, wear his favorite worn out shirt and pants without seeing the HR person, and get hired. They would no longer have to experience the stressful hour of undergoing an interview under the roof of an unfamiliar place. His credentials could be checked within minutes through the computer.

The lines would be burning so to speak, after the recruitment between the employer and virtual worker occurs. Assignments, reports, and other communication are channeled through the newer technology developments available. The highly qualified and competent virtual worker’s office is located within his own space, his home. They can now choose where to put their office, in the home to avoid distractions, or whatever setup best works for them.

Benefits to the Virtual Assistant Worker as a Career Choice

A virtual assistant could work beyond the wee hours (if that’s their choice) without any fear they may have experienced before when working an 8-hour job in a traditional office.

Generally, they can work the agreed upon tasks in the time frame of their choosing. The person can save significantly on commute time (in terms of both time and cost outlay) enabling them to devote more of their time and efforts to other productive activities, or precious free time.

The term ‘virtual office’ is a favorite word in the business world and became endeared to the virtual worker’s heart. Being a virtual office assistant opens new doors of possibility in both scope of work, and career opportunities for finding employment, and a greater work life balance in general.

Virtual Office Assistant Jobs


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