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Does Embedding Video in a Website Increase Site Traffic? The Advantages of Video Optimization

Updated on October 22, 2015
Film strip
Film strip | Source

Video optimization is an often-underused SEO tool that can be effectively used to draw traffic and business to your website. There is no specific reason why it is overlooked, but the important thing to know now is that it can be effectively used. With the use of embedded video on your website, your rankings on search engines will certainly increase. Potential customers would more than likely prefer to watch a video explaining your product or services than to read lots of text. Because of the popularity of a society that enjoys visual stimulation, Google realized that it only makes sense to index these types of videos in order for them to be a part of a search result.

If you want a video to be a part of your online business and draw in visitors, you must be sure that you have it keyword-optimized very well. This type of optimization will ensure that you will have an increase of traffic to your site up to 50 times more than simple optimizing by text alone. To be shown in search engine search results, Google shows these types of video through two ways: a blended search and a video search.

Through blended search, results will show up in categories by type: image results, video results, etc. Certain keywords related to media will display these types of results. It will show up with about 3-5 search results per type and then you can click through to see the entire list at your choosing. When your site has a video linked to it and that video has a high ranking in search page results because of effective keywords, your video and site link will end up being the first thing that visitors see even before the actual text content of your site.

The popularity has grown for video searches because people tend to want to see how-to video clips, news clips, or hear another human being talking to them about a product or service. This is the beauty and ease of having the option to do a video search. With a video search your site is more likely to be found on the search results page, especially if it is keyword optimized well. It has been found that videos whose ranking falls in the first page of search results have a higher chance of getting noticed by searchers. This turns out to be a win-win situation for both the site owner and the searcher. Moreover, when a visitor is able to browse through pictures and short titles, then they tend to be more interested in the search results and will browse longer.

You can have videos on your site for viewers to see, but you can increase your exposure by uploading your video to a third party, or a video hosting site. One such site is called YouTube. On a site like this one, videos are indexed by their relevance to the subject and the number of views it has gotten. What you would do is placed a code on your website that is linked to the actual video on YouTube.

Understanding the importance of video optimization for your online business will take you to great virtual heights. This is not something to be overlooked or else you will not maximize the profit potential that is available.


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    • fdoleac profile image

      fdoleac 6 years ago from Hollis, New Hampshire

      I agree as consumers can absorb the information of videos easier than reading volumes of text. The SEO value also applies to video. Proper title and description with links are critical.

    • wychic profile image

      Rebecca Mikulin 6 years ago from Sheridan, Wyoming

      No worries, it's not a stupid question :). The videos don't have to be your own, though on the hosting side (i.e. YouTube) there is an additional chance for a backlink and some subtle site promotion if it is your own video. However, pretty much anything with embedding enabled can be used.

      The keywords are put in on the hosting level, these are the tags that you can put in when uploading the video to a hosting site. Some sites, such as ones on a WordPress platform, also allow you to add in some of your own tags when embedding video. On sites like Hubpages, we can add captions and headers into the video capsule which do get picked up by the search engines.

    • DaisyChain profile image

      DaisyChain 6 years ago from France

      This is a useful bit of information to have. Voted up etc. Does the video have to be your own? Where are the keywords? Attached to the video somehow or in YouTube for example? (Sorry if that's a stupid question. I'm at toddler level when it comes to all this).