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Doing More With Less in a Professional Life

Updated on February 12, 2016
Laureano Pires profile image

I'm a person that likes to learn. I question everything, specifically how things work.

Professional Life

On my résumé I have multitasking as a skill. That, nowadays as it seems, it is no longer a plus in a candidate's qualifications for a job but a requirement. I often notice when I go to a doctor or visit my insurance agent as they are forced to do more with less staff in today's challenging economic times. Keeping our heads barely above water seems to be the norm.
If you are a harried manager there are some time-saving strategies that can be followed when too busy:

  • When was the last time you left your office (or your office building) for lunch? Leave the office for lunch, you will feel better. Have a peaceful hour away from the office. Just make sure your boss doesn't see you leave.
  • Do you find yourself in many meetings with people you rather not see? Stop creating these meetings. Just cancel any meeting with these aggravating people.
  • Lock yourself in your office and inform your assistant not to let anyone disturb you unless that person is your boss (or someone bringing you lunch).
  • Avoid conference calls. If your boss is not on them, then no need to be on them. But, if you must know what was said in the conference calls, just have someone (preferable someone new and ambitious) to attend them.
  • As a professional you must write professional e-mails, but writing a long e-mail can take time. So, forget writing a long e-mail when a quick smartphone message will do.
  • If you have many tasks to complete, just delegate some of them to others. Lift some loads off your shoulders.
  • Try not to be reachable, just don't pick your phone up every time it rings.

I have heard it many times and I have said it many times: "work smarter, not harder". Following these tips will not decrease your work load. These tips are meant to help you keep your sanity.


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