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Domain Auction Alert: FacebookGeek.Org

Updated on April 27, 2011

Facebook is King

When it comes to picking a strong domain name, you can almost always find safety in choosing a domain name with hot keywords in it. This is often why I will check out google's new insight tool to figure out what has been popular, what is currently popular, and what will likely continue to be popular for a while. It's not a perfect science, but it certainly has been working for so far.

So going with that process, you can type "Facebook" into google insight, and compare it to just about any other search term, and find it trumps just about any other search. Not to mention, speculation shows that it should continue to see value in search engines, for quiet some time.

So now that we know that Facebook is the top search term being used, we also know that because it is the most popular search term, it is going to have a ton of major competition from other domain marketers and businesses trying to capture their piece of the traffic pie.

This means that in order to make your domain name stand out, and still allow it to gain the traffic, you need to give it a defining secondary word that also gets a lot of traffic, or could potentially gain a lot of traffic in the future.

Facebook is King when it comes to search terms, so what would fit perfectly with it, create a great business and pull in more traffic?

Facebook Geek!

I came across the idea of a "Facebook Geek" upon browsing various ads looking for help from facebook nerds and geeks. Ever since 2008, business owners everywhere have realized that they need to get into this facebook world, and it is easier said then done.

So by knowing that business owners, small and large, need help getting into the world of facebook, we now know that what they need is a geek! A Facebook Geek to be precise.

What could you do with FacebookGeek.Org?

Amazingly, there are lots of options. My first idea, was that a person could start a consulting business. The right geek could offer their expertise to the business world, and help themselves pay the bills at the same time. You might also consider using as a tube page, where a person could teach video classes on how to use facebook for businesses. Another option is to use the domain as a directory to the hundreds of facebook advisors, consultants, app experts and marketers. It wouldn't be a bad way to rake in some affiliate marketing earnings on top of everything.

What's the Bottom Line?

Facebook is a valuable keyword, and one that is hard to combine gracefully with other words in a domain name. FacebookGeek.Org is still available and is currently in a Godaddy auction for a rock bottom price.

If you feel you're that perfect Facebook Geek to help out the business world, don't let this domain get away from you!


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