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Domain name buying guide

Updated on January 22, 2012

Though, buying domain name has an element of speculation, yet, a buyer has to infuse thought and reasoning before he ultimately buys it. He should conduct thorough research to locate good domain names before he could imagine getting the name he wants. Nevertheless, purchasing domain name is rather cheap; a buyer can expect to squeeze a big profit, by investing a smaller amount. However, the process begins with choosing the right domain name.

Choose a domain name

Domain names can be bought for as little as $8 for a year’s registration. Few domain name selling sites do sell names even cheaper. The question remains whether these low cost names will help a buyer stash profits. Low cost domain names need comprehensive marketing effort. It needs to be promoted to create value for a name, which will take time and considerable effort.

A person who wants to make money by selling domain name will love to buy a name that has pre- assigned value in the market. Buying names that have been already marketed and promoted are ideal for traders. Good domain names start at $10.

Choose names with popular suffix. Always stick with names that are much easier to sell. There is no point in buying names that no one has heard of. It will be hard to sell such names on the web. Choose names that are short. Pick general domain names to increase chances of making good profit. Make sure to choose names that are easy to spell. However, to choose a domain name, one has to find it.

Where to find good domain names

Finding good domain names have always been difficult. Such names usually vanish as soon as it arrives in the market. Domain name buyers are always on the look out to grab such names. It is important to keep track of such opportunities. There are many website owners who fail to renew domain names on time, such names get expired and get readily available for purchase. Subscribe to sites that sell unclaimed or expired domain names. These are very good possibilities of finding a good domain name from a list of expired domain names. Subscribers are perhaps, the first to know about the availability of such opportunities, and therefore, they can lay hands on such names before others come to know about them.

However, many high value domain name transactions take place privately. Some domain name sellers and buyers don’t want to pay agents or middlemen, as it is likely that they will keep high percentage from the deal. In many cases, high value domain name sellers do not advertise, and instead contact potential buyers secretly to get the best price. Therefore, keep your eyes wide open and be in touch with domain name sellers to get the best domain name.

Buy premium domain names

Always opt for dictionary names, because it will lead to good profit. Domain name buyers should concentrate more on buying product related domain names, as such names have high value, and they can squeeze good profit by selling them.


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