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Philippine Recruitment Agencies with Domestic Helper Job Openings for Hongkong

Updated on November 17, 2011
View of Kowloon and Hongkong
View of Kowloon and Hongkong

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Hongkong has been a colony of the United Kingdom since 1842. However in 1997, its sovereignty was then transferred to the People's Republic of China. It is one of the most important and popular tourist destinations of the world because of its affordable shopping centers, its delicious and mouth watering cuisines and its busy and rocking night life. Its picture-perfect and sandy coastline is a favorite meeting place of some residents and tourists alike.

Hongkong is home to thousands of Filipinos and other foreign workers who have tried their luck and found a greener pasteur in this city. According to Wikipedia, foreign domestic helpers in Hongkong, majority of which are women, comprise approximately 3% of the total population of Hongkong. Forty eight percent (48%) of them are from the Philippines while the other 49.4% are from Indonesia and a small 1.3% comes from Thailand. They do different household work like taking care of the employer's children, cooking, cleaning the house, being sent off for errands and other related household work. On the whole duration of their contract, they are provided free food and shelter by their employers. A single contract usually lasts for 2 years unless they are extended by their employers or terminated before the contract ends.

Jobs abroad give higher income opportunities to many Filipinos than having the same job in the Philippines. This alone is enough reason for many Filipinos to leave their homes and families in order to land a higher paying job abroad. A job that will give his or her family a better life. His or her absence in the family at home is a tough job but the whole family believes that it's a worthy sacrifice than just being together but not having food to eat and enough money to send the kids to school and money for medical expenses. The higher salary will also help the whole family buy a home in a better and safer areas in the country.

For those who are looking for a domestic helper job in Hongkong, the recruitment agencies below have different job vacancies for you. They usually have new job orders from time to time so it is best that you keep on checking the said agencies for their current job vacancies if you are serious of landing a job in this progressive city.


Agency Profile:

POEA License No.: 215-LB-092407-R
Address: Ground Floor & 2nd Floor Accent Tower Building Rental No. 33 Shorthorn St. Proj. 8 Quezon City Metro Manila
Tel. No.: 02-352-2192

JEDEGAL International Manpower Services, Incorporated is one of those agencies who answered this need. They have opened their services to help Filipinos in finding a better and high paying jobs in other countries. One of the countries that they cater is Hongkong. They deploy thousands of domestic Filipino helpers to Hongkong in order to help both their employers and those Filipinos who want to land a job in this progressive city.

Aside from Hongkong, Jedegan also deploys workers for Taiwan, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Singapore, Lebanon, Kuwait and Dubai. For Taiwan, they hire skilled factory workers in IC, SMT, insertion, packaging, final testing, QA/QC, construction, household workers and many others. In Malaysia, they hire QCE and skilled workers. Medical workers like staff nurses, assistant nurses and other related medical workers are their primary concern for Singapore. For Brunei Darussalam, they hire internet cafe workers. Dubai has job vacancies for engineers, waiters and waitresses, household workers and others; while like Hongkong, they also hire household workers for Lebanon and Kuwait.

Currently, they are in need of 250 domestic helpers for Hongkong. For those who want to apply, you should be a female with age falling from 23 to 40 years old. No experience is necessary but an educational attainment of at least a college level is required. All applicants should understand and speak the English language. You can call or visit their office for a more detailed list of the requirements.


Agency Profile :

Asian International Manpower Services, Inc.
POEA License No.: POEA-221-LB-071508-R

E-mail Address: and/or Executive office Tel. No: 4007795
Tel. No.: 527-4307 / 523-1642 / 523-1644

Asian International Manpower Services, Inc. (AIMS) is a Philippine based recruitment agency that is dedicated to helping every Filipino land a higher paying job in the countries where they have job openings. The need of the global market is very high and they believe that Filipinos are competitive enough to fill that manpower need.

They believe in being a good quality manpower and services provider and do their best to exceed the expectations of their clients. In that way, they can be assured that they will continue to serve the Filipino nation by getting returning and contented clients by delivering their required services at the top most quality.

AIMS has deployed more than 12,000 workers to countries like Japan, the USA, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. They deploy workers who are nurses, engineers, computers technicians, construction workers, service and maintenance workers, domestic helpers and caretakers, technical personnels, hotel workers, factory workers and other professionals. They have been operational since June, 1995 up to the present.

Recently, they are hiring 355 domestic helpers for Hongkong. Applicants have to be from 23 to 38 years old with or without experience. At least a high school diploma is required and a good moral and working conduct is a must. The applicant should also be able to express herself in English.


Agency Profile:

Primary Pacific Orient Manpower Services, Inc.
POEA License No.: 571-LB-052004-R
Tel. No.: 721-0937 to 39

Agency Branch:
Davao City
Door 3 SJRDC Bldg. II complex
San Pedro Extension
Davao City
Davao del Sur

Recently, Primary Pacific Orient Manpower Services, Inc. has a vacancy of 100 domestic helpers for Hongkong. The applicant has to be female who is from 23 to 40 years old with or without experience. She should have at least a high school diploma and should be able to speak and understand the English language. A good moral character and working conduct is a must.

Interested applicants may visit their office for pre-screening interview. For more information on the requirements, you can call their office at the numbers listed above.


Agency Profile:

POEA License No.: 086-LB-040408-R
Address: G/F Crewcare Bldg., 415 U.N. Ave. Corner Alhambra St., Ermita MANILA Metro Manila

King's Manpower Services, Inc. is currently in need of 200 domestic helpers for Hongkong. The age range of the applicant is 23 to 38 years old with or without experience. A minimum educational attainment of at least a high school education is required. Only female applicants are accepted. This job vacancy runs until December 10, 2011.

Note: This hub is for information purposes only. The author is not in any way connected to the above agencies. If you want to apply for the above positions, you may visit their website or their office personally. Thank you.

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      maira 2 years ago

      Good day I'm looking for any vacant position that fit to my course as BSED.

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      AIRINE 3 years ago

      I Want to apply in hongkong for domestic 23years old you can email me in my account(amansilagan@yahoo.con

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      I am looking for an employer as a DH somewhere in HK, Malaysia,Brunei, Cyprus and Israel. Email me at

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      im looking for a job for japan side. im ex-japan and willing to work again in japan as d.h or massage therapist. pls reply on my account (

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      cristina 4 years ago

      can i make a cross country now im here in kuwait and i planning to go hongkong or canada please reply me.

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      DVDIII-USA 6 years ago

      Stay away from the Slave work of D.H in Hong Kong and Asia countries. You will end up waiting on those who are wealthy and cannot pick up even a phone or spoon to eat with.