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Don't Do This On Your Job Interview

Updated on April 3, 2011

Whatever You Do, Don't Do These Things In the Interview

You’re about to interview for a job.  Your suit is pressed and perfect.  Your hair, a vision.  Just don’t screw it all up when you open your mouth.  Here, 5 job interview mess-ups you should never do.
  1. Ask Only What They Can Do For You.  Of course you want to know what the job entails, and it’s fine to ask that - but your mission should be to show your interviewer how YOU can help THEM - not the other way around.  Asking about pay or perks in a first interview is a definite no-no.
  2. Leave Your Cell Phone On.  Nothing is ruder or more disrespectful to the interviewer than a ringing, OR vibrating, cell phone (Hello, we can still hear it).  It signals, loud and clear, that there is someone calling you who is more important than this job.  
  3. Show A Lack Of Energy.  If you have to drink a Red Bull, or run around your apartment, or pinch yourself in the arm - do it - so long as you display energy and enthusiasm for the job in question.  It is infuriating to waste time interviewing someone who seems like they’re not particularly excited about the position.
  4. Look Around Distractedly.  The interviewer, and the company, is showing interest in you;  the least you can do is show the same interest in them.  Focus on your interviewer, and show good listening skills by looking at her and nodding, and perhaps repeating what she says back to her to make sure you heard her correctly - but don’t do that more than once or twice.
  5. Laugh Too Much.  If you can’t think of something to say, just take a second to think - you’re not fooling anyone by giggling.  It looks like you’re either not serious about the position, or not very bright, or both.  
So be prepared, look your best and get ready to shine - if you can avoid the above behaviors, you’re on your way to getting that job.  


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    • rhondakim profile image

      rhondakim 5 years ago from New York City

      Yes, that sounds great, Genna East!

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 7 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Great tips! I would also add, brush up on what the company actually does, which you might learn from their website, and ask's always good to show that you are interested in who and what they are all about.