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Don't Lose a Month Waiting Until January to Make Your Move

Updated on December 30, 2011

Don't Wait Until January to Start 2012

It is so tempting to get caught up in the holidays, family, vacation, home repairs, travel, and all the things that come at the end of the year - and forget to get started early in the new year. Then you feel guilty and make a few calls hoping to catch someone in the office - and they too are taking vacation, or are out of the office (shopping, playing golf, cavorting around) and you are making a half-baked attempt at selling. You talk yourself into the idea that there is no one there to call on so might as well lay slack yourself, right?

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Have you ever wondered where these old sayings come from? Probably a good salesman wrote them down when they became truisms. I know how to make hay. You clip (mow, cut) the field leaving the grass lay in the sun to dry. You may run through the field again "fluffing" the hay and wind-rowing it. Then you bale it making very tight bales which keep out oxygen that might cause the grass (hay) to degrade faster. You can make hay in the rain - and watch the stuff rot in storage. So you make it while the sun shines so it is dry and stays good for months. In the winter when it is needed you have fodder for your horses and cattle.

So the opportunity to act is limited and you must act when it is evident. If you wait, it may rot. Now you find yourself in a situation where you would rather spend time around the house. You have convinced yourself no one is at the offices you normally call on so what is the big deal? Why waste the effort? "I know I can get caught up in the first week of January and get off the ground then."

It doesn't work that way.

Your customers - or potential customers - are probably working right now. Your company may well have shut down for maintenance. Your company may well have cut off inbound lines to take orders. A lot of corporate executives are idiots forgetting that it is acceptable to take orders and tell the customer shipping may be delayed until January 2.

Two Weeks Pay

If you are on straight commission, is it worth not getting paid for two weeks to just lay back and not make sales calls? Is your commission based on growth over previous year? Did you sell anything in the first weeks of January last year? Or in the case of those things with longer sales cycles - when did your first new sales of the year show up?

This is pretty simple really. Pull out your planning calendar and make enough sales calls TODAY that you will have the week of January 2-6 full and planned today. Tomorrow, fill up week two - January 9-13. If you do this - and compare your efforts last year to this year, I am sure you will be happy with yourself - and find the meaning of Happy New Year!

Don't let the holidays - from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Years kill your momentum. Be the one among your peers that makes that effort and goes beyond the others - actually make the calls. You will find yourself one of very few salespeople during this time - and it is a great idea for you to be there. Hope you enjoy all the cheese and worms...early bird gets the worm, second mouse gets the cheese....whatever.

God Bless you all in this very important time of year - never forget the "reason for the season." Happy New Year!

The Inventurist


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