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Don't Sell Price - Make Your Business Non Price Sensitive !

Updated on October 16, 2013

Getting Non Price Sensitive Business

Here is a question for you - as a salesperson: “How much of your business is non-price sensitive?

Wait, how can I ask such a silly question? Can business really be non-price sensitive? The answer to this is yes, it can. Besides taking an interest in what your customers do and admiring it.

Here are three simple basic ideas on how you can increase your Non Price Sensitive Business:

1.Be Super Nice

2. Do Your Job

3. Know Something

Step 1 – Be Super Nice; Let me say that again - be super nice. If you are going to be in direct sales or telephone sales, then you must be a super nice person while working. It doesn't matter what your job is, be it retail or at a call center or the restaurant trade or any job where you provide a service or represent something for sale.

These words, in a sincere and polite nature, must be in your sales vocabulary:


•Good morning

•Good afternoon

•Thank you

•Have a good day

•May I help you?

•How is your family doing?

•Did you enjoy your weekend?

•Thank you for your business

•Thank you for being such a valuable customer all these years

•Thank you for your valuable time

As far as making any type of comment about the way a person looks, it is best to say, "…and you’re looking well today."

Another good practice when you are speaking on the phone is to try and say the customer’s name back to them; people love to hear their own name – and it shows you are being attentive and emphasizes the personal touch.

Similarly, ensure the tone changes in your voice when talking (at the appropriate time, of course), don’t be stale or monotonous - this indicates boredom and is the last thing you want to imply.

If you are writing e-mails, you can show the same style with your writing. You must do this every day or else you’re in the wrong line of work.

Don’t overdo any of these, just be attentive, offer good service and be super nice.

Step 2 – Do Your Job; Be sure to do your job

You need to provide excellent service, and follow up when required. I gained recognition in the business world by responding quickly.

In my opinion the promptness of the response will win you a certain percentage of business just because you are responding quickly. Customers will learn to trust you. Determine the customer’s wants and needs, describe your benefits, differentiate your offerings from your competition and always do a quick concise summary.

When needed I also enjoy giving a customer a choice on what product to buy; many buyers like it if you offer product comparisons – as well as doing your job, you’re making their job easier.

Step 3 – Know Something; You must know something about your customer, and show interest in them - know their interests. Be it their hobbies, sports, travel, weather, food, their kids or family or whatever else they enjoy. If you can make business secondary in the conversation, but still important, then you are on your way to forming Non Price Sensitive Business relationships.

I send customers newspaper clippings, a cartoon from the funny pages, a horoscope on their birthday, sports stories, a thank you note, to show a personal interest and appreciation of the customer. Sorry, I’m not a big junk e-mail sender to my customers of videos of pets bouncing basketballs and things of that nature.

To get business you must eliminate the unknown variables of concern to potential customers. Of course these unknowns may include price, delivery, and any other variable that may apply. Once you eliminate these variables you are able to mix up your closing sales techniques with your Non Price Sensitive smoozing.

We have to take what we can from life, be friendly, and be informed, have a sense of humor and, most of all, care. If you show you care, truly care, then over time the percentage of your Non Price Sensitive Business will increase! You can make great gains just by knowing something more about your customer.

Again I ask you, what percentage of your business is Non Price Sensitive?


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    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 5 years ago from Texas

      You are right, I worked in a call center, I really loved my job and made many friends.

      Very informative hub, good advice.