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Dress For Success When Going To Your Interview

Updated on March 25, 2011

There is never a chance to make a first impression and this ditty is so true when it comes to your job interview. Regardless of how well you appear on paper and how skilled you may be the interviewing manager will judge your abilities just on the way that you dress for this first meeting. With your future with the company riding on the clothes you wear and the impression you make it is important to get things right the first time around. Get a nod of approval by following these all important tips.

It may be quite obvious but it bears mentioning that your clothes must be clean and tidy. Make sure that you dress professionally and do not try to be too noticeable since you’re not attending a party. Even if you score ten points for the way that you dress it will not guarantee that you will get the job but if you dress poorly you will certainly not qualify for the position. Your clothing should send a clear message that you can take your place within the organization and fit in well with any team. Here are a few others things that you need to consider.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to interviews, less is always more. A well fitted suit in a darker shade with a light shirt and a coordinating tie is a great option for men. Women can go for a suit or a structured dress with a coordinating jacket. It is still advisable to go with these options even if the work environment borders on casual. Although black is a standard and well accepted color, navy is definitely the best option since it creates an atmosphere of serenity, instills trust and portrays confidence. Business neutrals like gray, brown and beige may also be considered.

Stick to dress shoes in darker tones and men should wear matching socks. Women on the other hand must ensure that the heels are not too high, ideally should not be more than 2 inches. Opened toed shoes or sandals are a no-no! 

Keep It Understated

Being comfortable on your interview is of utmost importance and so you should wear an outfit that you have worn before and feel confident in. Wearing a new suit can cause discomfort if it is not broken in.

Choose a cologne or perfume that is not extremely loud. A light floral scent that does not make itself known before you enter the room is great for women. Likewise men could go for the traditional woody scents with an understated tone.

Give careful attention to your hair and nails. Men, get a professional haircut the day before and make sure that you trim your facial hair also. Nails should be well kept and ladies this is not the time to flaunt outlandish nail art and excessively long nails.

One or two pieces of simple jewelry should be enough. 

Keep It Classy

Show what a professional you are by not allowing your cell phone to ring during the interview. Turn it off! Nothing is more important at this moment than securing that job. Do not chew gum or drink during the interview. Avoid distractions caused by jingling keys and lose change by putting them away.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be on your way to signing the contracts and starting your new job.


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