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DriverGuide Is Hiring Database Helpers From Home

Updated on June 30, 2010

What is DriverGuide?

DriverGuide was started to help you, I and the world around in staying up to speed on firmware and device drivers for your computer. They help make things convenient by offering a rather large database that is filled with support documents, drivers and firmware to aid in updating your PC.

Database Helpers Work at Home Opportunities

Well technically this would be a sort of data entry type of job. From what I've read, you would be entering data that will continue to expand their database with drivers, documents, and firmware information.

Database Helpers (Data Entry) Requirements

Like any other company that is hiring there are requirements. DriverGuide would like for you to have the following:

  • Device Drivers Experience.
  • Advanced PC Hardware Knowledge.
  • Must reside in the United States of America (USA) or in Canada.

Database Helpers Position & Work Schedule

This position is only part-time work and can be done whenever you can get time to input some data. In other words, this position would probably be best to just supplement your current income or just for some spare change.

How to Apply for the Database Helpers Work At Home Position

They want you to send in your resume. In addition, you'll want to inform them of what qualifies you for the position and your fee desired.

Apply for the Database Helpers position at


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