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Dudes must load their own luggage when riding Uber or Lyft

Updated on November 13, 2017

Seriously, when guys order an Uber or Lyft ride and expect the driver to actually get out and load their luggage for them are straight out wooses. Really, unless the dude is old or has a physical disability, dudes must load their own luggage into the trunk when ordering a ride.

C'mon! Uber and Lyft drivers are not butlers or limo drivers. They are just there to give you a ride. Anything else, is not included. Yes, these drivers are very courteous, but when there is a dude involved as a customer, let that dude handle his shit. Otherwise, if that dude expects snob service, he is a complete dick!

I have seen young ass dudes with their manly beards and expect Uber and Lyft drivers to load their luggage for them, even when the driver is a lady. Insane, right! Of course, men drivers should always offer themselves to ladies of all ages for the help in the luggage department. Additionally, this courtesy should be extended to dudes as well. However, real dudes should decline instead of standing there like giant wooses.

If you dont' agree with this, please let me hear your voice! See, cab drivers were mandated to follow up on that service 'cause their prices were freaking high. Plus, they also got tips. Uber and Lyft drive for freaking cheap and have to do it all day without getting tips. So, to all dudes out there. Next time you order a ride from Uber or Lyft, please handled your luggage and don't be a freaking baby about it, since your ride is already extremely cheap and most likely not going to tip anyway.

Be a man and take care of your crap instead of expecting others to do it for you!


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