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E Commerce Safety - 1

Updated on March 7, 2013

While e-commerce and m-commerce is on the rise, it is not as popular as it is made out to be among the masses. There is widespread skepticism about the safety of virtual money transactions. Moreover, you don't always end up with the product that you thought you were buying. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you plan to shop online.


Whenever you are buying things online, you should make sure that you know what you are buying, and whom you're buying it from. If you are buying something from a layered portal like Ebay or other peer-to-peer selling websites, you need to ensure that the seller has a good credit history. While these websites do give you a money-back option, the process might get a bit too cumbersome and sometimes futile. If the seller is a vendor who is just putting up products on a website, go to the websites to see what responses he has received. There are times when the products you have ordered is higher in price, or on delivery, you are disappointed with the quality. If it is a gift, then returning the product gets awkward. Instead, look for websites that are credible and offer good services. Read the shipping and returns sections of the FAQs thoroughly. If you have any queries, you can call the websites for assistance.


If your bank gives you facilities for banking online using the net banking services, it can be quite a handy way to pay bills or keep a tab on your accounts. However, no bank would ever send you and emails with links that expect you to make payments. Whenever you are transacting using net banking, make sure that you type in the address manually, or use saved bookmarks. Never store passwords on any PC, and don't share details like your four-digit pin, or three-digit CVV code. How-ever, if you are redirected from a website using a payment gateway, make sure the website and the payment gateway is authentic.

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