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Reliable, Sturdy Bags and Great Replacement Service with the Eagle Creek Brand - The Best Bags Out There

Updated on January 15, 2013

Eagle Creek makes fantastic, sturdy shoulder bags and immediately replace any broken or worn parts on your shoulder bag when you mail it to them.

Broken zipper on the Eagle Creek shoulder bag I bought in 2004.
Broken zipper on the Eagle Creek shoulder bag I bought in 2004. | Source
A plethora of pockets means organization for me.
A plethora of pockets means organization for me. | Source

My Eagle Creek Shoulder Bag

In 2004, I went purse shopping and dragged a male friend with me. As he watched me study each bag, he quietly formed an opinion of what I should get. I was not looking for a typical "purse" and have always been hesitant to say "pocketbook." I wanted a bag that could fit my books, journals, pens, phone, glasses, wallet and chapsticks. Ideally, it would take me less than 10 seconds to find each item. It would match everything I chose to wear. I could sling it across my body. I could fit a bottle of water in it and take it hiking. I could also wear it with a skirt. My friend finally dragged me to a sports store where they had a large collection of Eagle Creek shoulder bags. My decision was the bag pictured at right: black with one large center pocket, a zippered outer pocket, and a hands-free pocket in the back (no cumbersome button or zipper).

Lift the flap, and tucked away (I don't know how they do it!) are three more zippered pockets as well as one more unencumbered pocket, and several business-card sized slots. On the side is a bonus cell phone pocket and the other side has bonus pen pockets.

This bag was and remains to be THE PERFECT BAG FOR ME.

My friend pointed out its durability and versatility (men can actually be very handy for purse shopping!). The shoulder strap is around the entire bag, providing stability. The canvas is strong. I felt, when I paid about $65 for it, that this bag would prove to be worth it. And it did. For seven strong years.

Damage - Broken Zipper

Fast forward seven years and several washes later (Eagle Creek recommends you hand wash your Eagle Creek shoulder bag. I haphazardly threw mine in the washer - and the dryer - with no problems), and finally something on it broke: the zipper on the front flap. This zipper was vital. I used it the most of any compartment on the bag. In it, I've held everything: chapsticks, lipsticks, keys, money, notes, credit cards, cell phones... you name it.

I did a search for Eagle Creek. I just had this sense that in making such a durable and strong bag, they stood behind their product. I have fair sewing skills, but I didn't want to compromise the durability of the bag by messing with their genius. Quickly,  I found the correct page on their website. It instructed you to download a sheet on which you write your name, address and description of the problem. You then ship your bag (at your own cost) with the sheet to the address provided. They suggest a trackable shipping method, but I used USPS Priority Mail.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Repaired zipper.Replacement strap and buckleReplacement handle on top of bag
Repaired zipper.
Repaired zipper.
Replacement strap and buckle
Replacement strap and buckle
Replacement handle on top of bag
Replacement handle on top of bag

Fixed and More

Less than one week after shipping the bag, it came back to me in the mail. Not only was the zipper replaced, but they also did an inspection of the bag and determined it needed more repair. The strap and buckle that holds the outer flap to the main body of the bag was repaired. Also repaired was the handle at the top of the bag, which I often use to grab the bag and go. All at NO CHARGE.

I was amazed with how quickly they fixed my bag, and even more amazed that they are true to their word, as stated on their website. On it, they say they will give the bag an inspection: check straps, cords, zippers, buckles, etc., to determine the quality is still strong. Also, if they are unable to repair the bag, they will replace it. If they no longer have the style of bag you purchased and sent in for repairs, they will send a comparable product.

On the form I completed which noted the damage to the bag, a section asked me my preference: are you looking for a repair or a replacement? How thoughtful!

My husband has turned me on to more "fashionable" bags: bags as accessories. But my Eagle Creek shoulder bag will always remain the bag I need for LIFE. In it, I can hold everything comfortably. I don't need to worry about its strength, durability, or how long it will last. With Eagle Creek's fantastic customer service, I know it will last me forever.

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    • BigSerious profile image

      Christen Roberts Comer 5 years ago from Harrisburg, PA

      And will do it free of charge! Great company.

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      Thanks for posting the story...I have an Eagle Creek bag with a broken zipper...good to know they can repair it.