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Earn Money At HomeUsing a Free Website

Updated on June 23, 2013

Make money online

Earn a little extra income

Who's not looking for a way to earn some extra money, especially with this economy. And of course there are some who are always looking for an opportunity to earn money from home. Whether you are looking to make just a little extra money or you want to bring in potentially a full time income, you may want to consider this.

This may not be for everyone but it is a valid way to earn an income from home using the internet. I came across a book recently that really covers in depth how it works so I purchased it. The book is well written and describes the website and the opportunity very well and it's priced very reasonably.

Book available on Kindle for $2.99

There is a book available on Kindle for $2.99 entitled "How I Made and Extra $1200 per Month at Home Using One Free Website" by Connie Brentford. I was intrigued so I bought it. The book itself was very informative and well written. I had never heard of Connie Brentford and I have no connections to her.

What I liked about the book was that it very clearly and quickly identified the website and then explained how it is that you make money. What I didn't like is that I had to purchase the book to find out anything about the website. But I understand why that is. If they tell you too much before you purchase the book, there is no need to purchase the book.

So I'm not going to tell you too much to spoil the book, but I am going to give you enough information to know if you are interested. Because if it is something that you think you can do, the book is a great resource, and is very reasonably priced. It walks you thru the process step by step from getting set up with the website right thru to earning money. It is also packed with examples, ideas and suggestions to help you figure out if you have something that you could do to earn some extra income.

Who doesn't want to earn a little extra money?
Who doesn't want to earn a little extra money?


I am going to tell you the name of the website because like I said, the book is still very information and very helpful if you decide to give this a try. The website is It is a website that offers products or services for $5, hence the name. The products and services can be just about anything. And that is what is helpful about the book. The book gives many examples of services already available on Fiverr and some of them are crazy simple. They are things I would never have thought of. It also helps you to search your own mind to come up with services or products that you can offer based on your own skills and talents.

In addition to giving examples and helping you explore your own possibilities, the book helps walk you thru the website to make sure you understand how the entire process works. It explains how and why the process works, how to set up your account, and how to set up your gigs (that's what the products or services are called) correctly. It also gives you tips on what type of gigs work the best and how to promote your gigs effectively.

The author gives you details about the gigs that she offered, and gives you suggestions on gigs that just about anybody can do. If this is an opportunity that you are interested in trying, the book is certainly worth the money. She packs in a lot of information that is very helpful and it's an easy read.

There was one gig that she talks about in the book that really amazed me. Someone will actually write a message for you in the foam of a coffee or cappuccino, take a pic of it, and email you the pic. That is something that I personally would never have thought of! There are many other examples and suggestions in the book.

How To Videos on YOUTUBE

In addition to this book there are free videos on YouTube that explain fiverr. Below is the link to one, but there are many others:

Is this for you?

So if you think that you may be able to offer a product or service for $5 this may be just the thing you are looking for! Even if you aren't sure what you could do, the book will give you lots of suggestions and possibly give you an idea or two. Or it may bring something to mind that you hadn't considered before. When I read it I was absolutely amazed at some of things people were offering.

After reading this book I was able to determine that it is definitely a viable method for earning money from home over the internet. Personally it isn't something that will work for me right now. My life is too crazy to be committed to checking to see if I have any orders, or making sure I could fulfill them timely. But it was still very intriguing. I can see where some are able to make quite a little income through this site.


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