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Earn Money Online With Stuff To Sell On eBay And Signing Up To Cash Back Websites

Updated on July 12, 2010

If you are looking to make a little bit of extra cash in your spare time, you should consider trying to use the internet to earn a little bit of money. You will find that you do not have to have any specialist skills in order to make a start.

The following two options will not make you rich but could earn you enough money each month for you to be able to treat yourself and your family to an evening meal at a lovely restaurant or maybe a brand new pair of shoes. Give it a go and you could surprise yourself by finding that you enjoy using the internet to create a new stream of income.

Sign Up With Cash Back Websites

There are several cashback sites that you can sign up with and make a little money with. Some of them give you a cashback bonus where you can make money just for registering with them. Then you can either choose to buy services or products through these sites.

It does take time to build up your earnings but all the clicks that you make either through using a service like opening up a bank account by clicking via the cashback site links or clicking through to certain search engines will result in more money in your fund. When it gets to a certain level the money will be deposited into your own bank account. All very neat and tidy and without any fuss.

Everyone can makemoney with ebay on by using cash back sites
Everyone can makemoney with ebay on by using cash back sites

Selling Stuff On eBay

If you have a lot of clutter that you want to get rid of, you can do so and also earn a little money at the same time. Everyone knows about eBay and it is really simple to register with them. Once you have a username you can start posting your unwanted things for sale straight away. The best option is to start everything at the lowest price so that you can attract more potential buyers.

There is a choice of putting things on sale for 3 days or 7 days. I would opt for the 7 days because this will give you the chance to let more people find what you have put out there for sale and you could end up earning more money if the bidding goes crazy.

Once someone makes a winning bid, you wait for them to send payment to your newly created paypal account then you simply package up the item and post it to the new owner. One tip for attracting people’s attention is to make sure that the photo you add is clear and shows everything well. When you write the description, make sure it is fully explanatory so that people will know exactly what they will be getting.

So those are two different ways to make a little bit of money on the internet. Sell your stuff on eBay and sign up with cash back sites.  It is not exactly rocket science but it is a good way to begin your internet journey. Once you get used to searching for things and clicking here and there, you will realise that there are even better ways to make money online.

Just give it time. If you are happy with the money you make through cashback sites and on eBay then just continue to do this but if you want to see your earnings increase, then do some research to find out about other money making opportunities.


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