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Earn Money With Fiverr

Updated on November 22, 2016


Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can sell your services or buy from others. It is considered a micro-job site because services start at just $5. Although $5 is the smallest job, extras can be added on to orders for a certain price set by the seller. The way it works is that a buyer contacts a seller when interested in a service. The seller then orders the service along with any extras he would like. Once the seller completes the order, the buyer receives his goods, and the buyer receives his money. However, Fiverr takes 20% of the money earned from the seller, so the seller only receives $4 per every $5 transaction. This is the same for larger orders as well. If a buyer purchases an order for $100, the seller only receives $80 after delivering the gig. This seems like a huge chunk of money, but it is relatively small considering the company, Fiverr, hosts your business and gigs, and drives traffic and buyers to you. Other freelance sites take a smaller cut such as 10%, but they don't offer some advantages that Fiverr does.

My Experience

I have been a seller on Fiverr for a few months now. I have had success earning money on Fiverr, so I thought I would share it so everyone could be successful. My username there is FriendlyWebGuy, and I run a programming business hosted by Fiverr. I have completed over 30 gigs, and have earned about $500+ by only working in my free time. I haven't put any effort into finding clients and driving customers to my gigs, yet I have made a decent amount of money. This shows the potential of earnings you can make using Fiverr. If you are interested in earning money with Fiverr, you can sign up on Fiverr's website.

Method 1: Become a Seller

Becoming a seller is not an easy job. The markets are crowded with people offering services for a very cheap price. You need to find a way to stand out from other sellers. The best way to do this is in the way you create your Gigs. Gigs are the service you offer to buyers. For example, I offer to add a background video to a website. The Gig is made up of a cover photo, an optional video, a description, and extras. Although the video is optional, I highly recommend using it. This grabs the attention of potential buyers, and since not many sellers use this tactic, it will help you stand out from others. You need to make sure that this video is high quality. If it is a poor video, then that directly reflects your work. If a buyer doesn't like your video, then they probably won't like the quality of your service. This goes for the cover photos as well. Make sure your cover photo is clean, eye-catching, and high quality. Next is your description. Make sure you provide what you offer in detail. Make sure the buyer understands what they are getting to avoid and misunderstanding. Clearly state what you will and will not do. The most important aspect of this is to make sure there are no spelling errors and it is written in good English. There is nothing worse than a description with grammatical errors. This will instantly drive away potential buyers. Last, there are the extras. Extras are the services you offer for a premium cost. For example, if I add a video to your website, I might offer to deliver it in one day for an extra fee rather than have you wait a week until the job is done. When you first start selling, you should offer some extras for free because this will attract buyers and help you develop a customer base.

Method 2: Become a Buyer

Sometimes you need to spend money to earn money. This is the case using this method. However, if you do it right, you might not even have to spend your own money. This method works because sellers on Fiverr often offer their services for a much lower cost than professionals who offer the same thing. This means you can find clients who need a service and charge them a premium. Then you can go to Fiverr and get the job done cheap. You are acting as the middleman. The key for this to work is your ability to find clients, and the ability to find high quality sellers. As I said earlier, many sellers offer services for cheap, but often times the quality of work is poor.

How to Find Clients

  • Craigslist
  • Other freelancer websites (,, etc.)
  • Local Businesses
  • Some apps connect clients with businesses

How to Find High Quality Sellers

  • Look at the reviews
  • Look at the seller level (New, Level 1, Level 2, Top Rated)
  • Look at their Gig descriptions and extras
  • Contact them and talk to them to find out more about them


I am now a Level 1 Seller. This takes a lot of time and experience to achieve. I am currently trying to work my way up to a Level 2 Seller, and then eventually up to a Top Rated Seller. I have hit a wall in sales, and while I was searching for ways to become a better seller, I stumbled upon an e-book written by a Top Rated Seller. It gave me some insight into what I was doing wrong and how to improve. After reading the book, I fixed the mistakes I made and have already seen a difference in sales.


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