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Earn Money Writing with

Updated on November 14, 2010

Hubpages is a great place to be able to make money by writing online.  You can submit your articles and make money from the share of advertisements on the page when people click the ads.  While Hubpages is great, there are a lot of drawbacks as well.  One is that they only offer 60% of the ad impressions, which is decent, but other sites offer more these days.  The other is that there is a lot of internal competition where you are competing with other Hubbers on a lot of the same topics.


This is where comes in.  You can earn money writing with LogBud.  It is similar to Hubpages where the concept is the same, but there are some differences that make LogBud unique.  One difference is that they offer 70% of the ad impressions.  Sure there are some sites that offer 100% of the ad earnings, but those sites are not sustainable and a lot of them end up not offering any % of earnings after a while because that 100% is simply not sustainable.

Another benefit of LogBud in addition to the 70% ad impressions sharing is that it is a brand new site so you can capitalize on some of the most popular niches and get those in your URL where you are unable to on Hubpages.  You can dominate the search engines without having to compete with other Hubbers in addition to your search engine competition.

How It Works

You write on topics that you know a lot about, and if you write something that is great, others will find it and possibly even link to it.  The search engines are based on links as votes, and essentially, whoever has the most links win.  So, if you write good articles, then you can make money by getting a lot of search engine traffic to your articles and then that traffic will click on ads.  It really is that simple.


If you are a fan of Hubpages, then I would definitely recommend trying out LogBud as well!  If anything, it will help to diversify your earning portfolio!

Happy earnings!


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