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Easy Shipping With eBay and PayPal

Updated on May 15, 2013

I have noticed a lot of sellers on eBay that get these expensive, elaborate shipping set ups. Label printers, boxes, shipping peanuts, etc... I think this is great if you are a super seller and you are doing tons of business but for a newbie or someone who just dabbles in eBay selling this can be too much. Not to mention the cost of all of that zeros out what you would have made on that old leather jacket from the 80's that you just sold.

So I just wanted to give a little window into what I do to ship my eBay item through PayPal. Most of my sales are clothes so I ship them in soft poly envelopes that I do purchase on eBay. I pay about $20 for about 100 of them in various sizes. I do however sell other items that need more protection. For these items I use boxes that I save from other things. For instance I just sold a Spode dish that needed lots of padding so I used a coffee maker box from the coffee maker that we had just purchased. For padding I used the existing Styrofoam that came with the coffee maker and plastic grocery bags. I save the grocery bags because they are great for padding and light in weight for savings on shipping charges.

For items such as clothing that is to shipped in a soft poly envelope I weigh them before packing. I do this so I can tape the shipping label onto the envelope while it is flat on a table or counter. I use PayPal's print a shipping label option on my account overview. Going through the steps of the proper shipping method, weight and sometimes the size of the the package I am able to pay for and print out a shipping label on regular printer paper. I then cut out the label and using my trusty tape gun I tape the label on using clear tape, covering the entire label. I recycle the paper that gets cut away. In doing it this way I avoid a label printer and the expense of buying adhesive labels.

I hope this has helped you in easing the expenses of shipping your eBay items.


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