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Ebay - Make Money Online By Selling The Simple Way

Updated on October 3, 2011
Make Money Online Using Ebay!
Make Money Online Using Ebay!

How To Make Money On Ebay?

In two weeks i have made a profit of up to £200 using Ebay as an online money making tool.

I am enjoying it so much that i feel like going out at every opportunity to find some bargains and flog on Ebay! Why didn't i try it years ago?!

My experience is detailed below, and i would like to encourage anyone reading this to try it and find out for themselves how enjoyable it is and how easily you can make money on Ebay. So if you want to make money online using Ebay then get ready to make money quickly!

My Experience

Recently i have opened a business called Sizzling Spices in the area i live in and i also have a day job. Before i opened the business, i used to play football every Sunday morning, which i had been doing for the last 14 years. I thought of hanging my boots up, but i feared i would become miserable and lazy if i did give up. I had to quickly think of something else to take up in my spare time. I opened a catering delivery service business and building that up slowly, but not getting the thrill and excitement i used to get from playing football!

One of my employees mentioned that he went to a local Sunday car boot sale and bought a few items really cheap and sold them on Ebay and earned a weeks wage from it! I thought i have to go and see what this place is all about. So i went and saw so many cars and people walking around looking for bargains for their use or whatever they wanted to do with items they wanted to buy.

I was very disappointed at the sight of the car boot sale because i felt people were desperate to sell stuff and not make any money from their dispensable items. I went home unhappy and thought i have to keep looking for something that will help me with my cravings for playing football.

The next Saturday night i could not sleep and the time was 6am. I thought because i won't be able sleep anyway i'll go to the Sunday car boot sale and have a little browse, by myself this time.

I first came across some games a guy was selling and asked for prices and found that he was selling used games ranging from £5 to £12 across all consoles like Playstaion 2, 3 and Playstation Portable (PSP) and Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo DSi etc...

I did my research there and then on my mobile internet to see how much those games were selling for on Ebay and bought a few in demand games to flog on Ebay for a very good deal. I then went on to buy a photo printer, sky box, hookah (sheesha pipe) and a few other small items.

I felt very excited and went home, took photos with my mobile phone and using the bluetooth connection, transferred them over to my laptop and onto Ebay! Voila! In total i had spent £18, and 2 weeks later i have nearly £200 in my Paypal account! How easy was that!!!


Start at The Bottom

 My advice to anyone thinking of making lots of money online through Ebay is start at the bottom and work your way up, build up a good consistent rating score and good reviews. After that you will earn a good reputation and buyers and sellers will trust you and your products more. Make ure you post your items within the time you set on the listing, and charge a decent amount of postage fee.

Go On To Bigger and Better Profit Making Items

 I won an auction for a Playstation 3 Slim, which came out very recently. I checked the price on the internet and they were selling brand new for £285, i won the auction at £195 for a brand new Playstation 3 Slim console. I decided to keep it, but if i put it back on Ebay at the right time, i know i could get up to £250 at least! That's £55 profit straight away!

Sometimes you can buy items for a really good price on Ebay and sell them on for better and bigger amounts of profits!

The best places to start off to gain good reviews and experience is at car boot sales, sunday markets, second hand shops and charity shops. Look for what you have knowledge of and know a bit about, then flog them on Ebay.

After gaining knowledge and experience of how everything works, you can gain confidence of buying many items and being able to sell them within a couple of weeks.

Demand for different itmes do go up and down, so keep an eye on Ebay itmes which you are planning to sell, and time your listing correctly to gain maximum profits!



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    • G Miah profile imageAUTHOR

      Gous Ahmed 

      8 years ago from Muslim Nation

      Adzy you are spot on, but i think it is better than nothing and being able to sell anything to anyone anywhere is fantastic just through a website called Ebay!

      Anyone's business open to the world! No limit, no problem!

    • G Miah profile imageAUTHOR

      Gous Ahmed 

      8 years ago from Muslim Nation

      Aww, thanks Trsmd. I got really excited and wanted to share my experience with Ebay here on Hubpages, plus at the same time try to encourage other people as well. Thank you!!!

    • Trsmd profile image


      8 years ago from India

      very nice practical experience of your ebay shared here with everybody and hope everyone likes it...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great article, it's a shame charges have gone up for using ebay and paypal, although it still remains the best place for normal people make a good profit i myself goto car boot sales when i can and sell some of the stuff i buy, overall it's an exciting feeling you get which can't really be matched!

    • G Miah profile imageAUTHOR

      Gous Ahmed 

      9 years ago from Muslim Nation

      Thanks for your comment KoffeeKlatch Gals.

      I use Ebay for enjoyment and to pass time, and make some extra money on the side! It's very good and flexible for anyone wanting to start something which is beneficial in most ways.

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Hazelton 

      9 years ago from Sunny Florida

      ebay is a way of making money. I sold on ebay for a little while and they are a great company to go with. I made a little money but had to quit selling because I just plain didn't have enough time to devote to all the things you need to do to make it successful. All in all, it was a great experience. One I would be willing to repeat. Great hub.


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