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What items to sell on EBay?

Updated on February 17, 2015
great ideas
great ideas | Source

In this hub i will be giving you a few ideas on what merchandise or products that you can buy, so you can be on your way to become a seller on ebay and start your own profitable online business. I will mention only the items that i have had experience in selling for the last 5 years, products and services that have a good selling rate on eBay, that have contributed highly to my online earnings.

Before we go any further! I think theres a few things you need to be aware of when it comes to selling on eBay. You have to know if this is what you really want, is this something you want to put all your time and effort into. Will you enjoy doing this type of work, have you done your research and have enough knowledge. I know that sometimes you hear about certain individuals who make thousands of pounds a week. They make it seem easy for you to also be able to do the same as they have. Im not trying to scare you off, im just making you aware that running a business online is not as easy as people make it out to be.

So my advice to you is: you can start a profitable online business but you have to be prepared, mentally, physically and financially. Have the knowledge and ideas to keep up with thousands of other sellers. Finding a reliable supplier that you will buy your products from. Knowing what products to sell. Knowing what other ebayers are buying to profit from. Having a good business plan will increase you chances for survival.

Let me tell you that It took me over a year, learning and testing products. Buying individual items instead of bulk buying. Earning money slowly controlling your growth, just testing the system. Its a hard job sometimes trying to keep up with others, but if are prepared and have the knowledge behind you, then anything is possible to achieve.

Okay so lets carry on giving you some tips and product ideas that might help you out. You know what they say "one mans rubbish is another mans wealth" so this is where you could start, i don't mean going through peoples bins or skips.

First thing you could do is make a few leaflets and post them through peoples doors round your area, just a simple leaflet would be ok, saying that you will buy any unwanted or repairable items they might not have no need for any-more, this works very well and you will pick these items up for a good price which means you will always profit from them. Example of items you could buy from people are things like: accessories for phones or electrical equipment that needs a bit of t.l.c. All you have to do is refurbish them back to its original condition, or sell them as they are, you could even just sell them as spare parts, pieces of clothing that are in good condition also sell well on ebay, not for much but it sells.

Make your own products?

Making you own products and items to sell always works out pretty good, one of the items that sell okay on eBay are bracelets and necklaces made from beads or pretty stones, there are many things you could make yourself for a minimum cost. Other products to make yourself would be something like Christmas decorations, jewellery boxes, coin holders and you could also nit some jumpers and personalise them for the costumers needs.

You might be thinking this sounds a bit too hard for you to do, but let me just say that anyone can make there own items to sell on eBay, there are hundreds of videos and tutorials on the net that you can follow. You tube have a variety of video tutorial that you can have a look at.

Make you own items?

Importing products from China?

The other way you could go: is buying from wholesalers in bulk, this will obviously cost you much more money to set-up, it also means you have to find a good reliable wholesale supplier. But if this is what you want to do then let me give you a few item ideas for what you could sell.

Now there's a lot of sellers on eBay selling the same products at different prices from each-other, so this means there will be loads of competition between them all, if you haven't got the funds or a good reliable cheap supplier then you will struggle to keep up with these power-sellers they will do anything to knock you out the way.

But there's a way round this, the way round is for you too find similar items these power-sellers are selling, new or used items would be okay. Most of the power-sellers will have branded product, if you was to buy non-branded items that are very similar to the branded items then you will have a good chance of survival.

You will be getting these items half the price of the branded products, but for you to get items like this you will most certainly have to import them from China, and this can be very risky for you to do if you don't be careful on what supplier you use. There's been allot of scams where people just go on random websites thinking they are buying good products, but in return they get items that either don't work or are dud items. Most the time there's nothing you can do about this as the suppliers will give you fake addresses, phone numbers that don't exist. So be very careful on importing products from China and other places. Always research the company you are buying these products from, just do a quick search on Google, read a few reviews and customer feedback.


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