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Eclipse DJ Costs by Learning How to Spin Tunes Hands On

Updated on August 21, 2015

Think you need to shell out thousands of dollars and spend months in school to learn what it takes to entertain crowds by playing their favorite songs? Think again! You can eclipse DJ academy expenses and cut right to the career of your choice by studying what it takes to make a living spinning tunes all on your own.

Those who wish to eclipse DJ academy training will find doing so offers them a number of benefits. Perhaps the biggest advantage self-taught DJs have is the capital saved from classes that can go instead toward purchasing necessary equipment and music. And, while it’s more than possible for you to eclipse DJ academy training and skip ahead to the career, there are some skills and items you’ll want to possess before you start advertising your services for hire.

So, what do you need to eclipse DJ academy training and get involved in this potentially lucrative and very exciting career? Here are some things to consider before you dive in:

The right personality:

While you don’t necessarily have to be an outright extrovert to succeed in the DJ business, it does help to know how to work a crowd. Those who can successfully eclipse DJ academy training and skip forward to working in the field should make sure they know how to work with people, involve a crowd and keep the party going.

Ability to read people:

DJs who work parties, weddings and other special events often work off playlists created by those planning the event. That said, it’s up to the DJ to be able to read the crowd and know how to keep them entertained and having a good time. This might mean working off the playlist or diverting from it entirely to keep people up, dancing and having a great time.

A love for all types of music:

Highly successful DJs don’t necessarily stick to one type of music. They develop a collection that covers many genres and times periods so they can spin tunes that make everyone happy at least some of the time.

Ability to network and market:

In order to build a successful business, a DJ needs to know how to drum up clients. This might mean learning how to network among decision-makers and where to market for the maximum exposure.

A good business sense:

Even a part-time, self-employed DJ should consider the craft a business. That means learning the ropes on what to charge, how to follow through, where to advertise and so on.

The right equipment:

There are many opinions on what kind of equipment is required to become a professional DJ. What is clear, however, is that a DJ must have a means to play and amplify tunes so folks in a crowd can enjoy them. A good DJ will also possess an extensive collection of songs.

Ready to eclipse DJ academy costs and learn what it takes to enter this field more quickly? If you love the idea of entertaining for a living, be sure to stop by for step-by-step advice to kick start your career.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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