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Effective goal setting: How setting goals plays a significant role in everyday life

Updated on February 22, 2012

Tired of not reaching your goals?

How does goal setting play a role in your life?
How does goal setting play a role in your life?

Effective Goal Setting

Setting goals plays a significant role in everyday life.

It allows individuals to plan out both their long and short term objectives, and also helps them to organize their priorities in a manageable format. This is especially vital in regards to an organization, where individual careers or even entire businesses may not succeed if they fail to meet these objectives. Since every organization is comprised entirely of individuals, it is most important to first focus on personal goals. It is also necessary to focus on better ways to achieve these goals. Finally, it should be noted that not all goals are reached, in fact, most are not, but failing to achieve a goal can be overcome.

Effective goal setting can be a valuable resource for accomplishing any desired outcome an individual may have for both themselves and their organization.

It does this by first allowing people to decide what is important to achieve, which then enables them to prioritize their time and efforts to reach this goal. When setting effective goals it is important to have a strategy. These strategies include but are not limited to: having a precise objective, setting realistic goals, writing these goals down, setting performance goals rather than objective goals, and never setting your goals too low. Along with successful time and resource management, setting goals can serve as a motivational tool and can also build an individual’s self confidence upon achievement.

While setting goals is a good starting point, it is also important to keep in mind what is needed to achieve these objectives.

In a business setting it is necessary to make sure that everyone understands what is expected, and that these expectations, or goals, have a realistic chance of being fulfilled. Failure to achieve a goal is often attributed to the fact that the people who created the goals did so in order to please their superior, rather than accepting their personal and organizational limitations. In order to combat this common problem, organizations should remain in close communication with its workers, and empower them by supporting them in achieving their goals.

Seven Strategies to rise above failure (by Victor Parachin):

According to an article written by Victor Parachin called “Rising above Failure”, when failing to achieve a goal, it is important to realize that “failure is never final”. These setbacks are bound to happen, and by looking over previous mistakes that led to the failure one can often overcome a similar downfall further down the road. I believe that we can learn a lot about setting and achieving goals by taking the time to look at our failures. So, I have paraphrased his lessons to rise above failure, but you can click here for the full article:

1. Look for the lesson.

2. Turn a Crisis into a coup.

3. View failure as merely one of life’s hurdles to overcome.

4. If you fail once, simply try and try again.

5. Protect your mind.

6. Speak in ways that empower your mind.

7. Recommit your goals.

Summarizing effective goal setting

Setting effective goals is a strategy that allows people to maximize their time, resources, and effectiveness. Since every organization is made up of individuals, it is important for organizations to encourage effective goal setting for every member of their team. While achieving these goals is most often easier said than done, once mastered, this approach can lead to a more fulfilling life for the individual, and also increase productivity within an organization. By successfully setting goals, and a dedication to the achievement of these goals, an individual will discover much success. However, if failure should ever arise, it is important to remember to keep trying and allow yourself to learn from the mistake.


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    • MeanGreen profile image

      MeanGreen 5 years ago

      Thanks... few people are "terribly disciplined"!


    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 5 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      This is a timely reminder to me to make more lists of things I have to do. Setting goals is a great idea and needs major discipline ...I am not terribly disciplined. LOL.