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Elementary Education Jobs: How to Find the Right One For You

Updated on February 4, 2011

An Overview of the Process

 An elementary education job is an ideal way to combine your love of teaching and your desire to work with young children. Elementary educators work with students from five to twelve years of age. An elementary education teacher helps students focus on schoolwork and get a complete grounding in basic academic skills. An educational foundation is important. The right teacher can make a true difference in a student's life. If you want to become an elementary education teacher, you will have first take classes and earn a degree in the field. Once you have completed your educational background, you can then start the process of looking for a job. A job in elementary education requires tremendous patience to find but can be enormously rewarding once you have completed the process.

Your Elementary Education Resume

 The first step is to create a resume. Your resume should include a detailed list of your educational background in the field. Note any student teaching that you have done as well as all classes that you have taken. You want to make sure that the education official reading the resume understands exactly what you have learned as an undergraduate. If you have a specific specialty such as elementary special education or elementary music education, you should note this fact in your resume. The resume should also include the subjects you have taught, where you did your student teaching and any master's credits that you have earned so far.

You should also include a cover letter. The cover letter should be detailed and specific. Investigate information about each potential school. You should then write a cover letter for the school, making note of the school's programs and elementary education population. Most schools have a website that can aid you in this process.

Contacting Schools Directly

 After you have created an elementary education resume, you will want to start searching for elementary education jobs. You can find elementary education jobs in many places. Public schools hire teachers. So do private schools, preschools and after school programs. If you are looking for a part-time elementary education job you can often find one with a summer camp and a tutoring service.

Get a list of all schools in your area. Contact your local board of education and ask for one if you don't see it on the area's website. The list should include the name of the principal and at least one staff member. Contact the staff member directly. Ask if you can send your resume. Some schools have elementary education jobs year round. Others confine hiring to a specific time frame such as after the winter break or right before fall starts. Speak with officials about any openings. You want to be firm but direct.

Substitute Teaching

 A very useful way to find elementary education jobs is to start off by working as a substitute teacher first. Schools employ substitute teachers to fill in when a teacher is sick. If you have a teaching license or even just a bachelor's degree you can contact individual schools and your local school board. The school board will review your credentials and then notify if you have passed their background checks. Once you have completed this process you can then apply to each school to become a substitute teacher.

As a substitute teacher, you should ideally focus your attention on a few schools. Make your prescence known there. Students and school officials will come to trust you if you can demonstrate that you are reliable and can work well with elementary school students. You can also find find out about elementary education jobs directly from the school. A principal or assistant principal may tell you about openings and ask you to apply for a job. You might find out that a first grade teacher is leaving for another district or a teacher is not returning from maternity leave. You can then apply for the teacher's position.

Your Overall Strategy

 If you want to find elementary education jobs, you should follow several strategies. Your first step is to present yourself well with a nicely written resume and cover letter. Your second step is always knowledge. Know where the jobs are. Speak with schools directly. Find out what schools needs and be willing to provide it. Demonstrate that you understand what school officials need and want. Investigate other opportunties such as teaching in a private school or working in a preschool.

Be open to part-time jobs and other kinds of temporary elementary education jobs such as substitute teaching. If you can be flexible, hard working, prepared and determined, the right elementary education job will be there for you.

Elementary Education Teaching Career Overview


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