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Elevator Contractors and Elevator Lifts, Your guide to Commerical Elevator Insurance

Updated on January 28, 2010

Commerical Elevator Insurance Explained

So you live in downtown New York and are headed to your 25 story condo building. You pass through security and jump in the elevator as you have done many times before. You take the elevator to the 25th floor and continue on about your day. Have you ever stopped and thought about how elevator lifts worked? In this article I will go over the duties of an elevator contractor and how commercial elevator insurance go hand in hand with that process.

What exactly is an elevator contractor?

Contractors in the elevator world specialize in the installation, inspection, and replacement of elevators, escalators and the like. Installation can occur in commercial, industrial, or residential settings and in new or old buildings with new construction considered the norm. Elevator contractors can also specialize in lifts which are usually affixed to the side of the buildings for the construction of larger projects. These contractors are usually quite proficient in the installation of scaffolds and other platforms as they use these items to guide the elevator . What came as somewhat of a surprise to me is the installation of the actual elevator car. These are typically shipped in pieces and actually assembled in the bay of the elevator shaft.

Cabled elevators differ from its mounted counterparts via a counterweight which moves inversely with the direction of the selected car. These type elevators are popular in more of a commercial setting. All elevator work must comply to local and state code and to the Safety Code for Elevators of the USA Standards Institute. ( You guessed it, this is the governing body for elevator and elevator safety.

Stair Lift or Elevator?

Have you ever suffered an Injury on an elevator?

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Elevator Lifts potential for loss as seen by Insurance Companies

  • Damaging of equipment or interruption of services on a clients premises
  • Slips, Trips, & Falls also possible
  • Falls to persons down unoccupied elevator shafts if not properly barricaded
  • Fire and electrocution possible from an improperly installed elevator
  • Long elevators stalls ( Juries have awarded large settlements for mental anguish during these periods)
  • Possibility of hands, fingers, toes, and legs being caught in an malfunctioning elevator

10 Common Sense Elevator Safety Tips

  1. Never attempt to ride on an elevator that is overcapacity
  2. Be sure to take the stairs during any fire emergencies
  3. When riding always hold on to children
  4. Step away from elevator doors as they close
  5. Refrain from smoking
  6. Never try to stop closing doors with hands or feet
  7. If elevator stops for any reason hit alarm button
  8. Never jump up and down on a moving elevator
  9. Watch you step as elevator level may differ from stationary floor
  10. Remain calm should elevator stall

What Elevator Lift stories do you have?

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