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Email Marketing: The Most Effective Way To Market

Updated on August 24, 2015

Email marketing is quickly becoming a crucial element to all successful companies on the market today. Many companies are quickly realizing that effective email marketing is the best way to reach out to their customers and prospects and hold on to them. Effective emailing has all but eradicated cold calling as the most efficient way to attract new customers to your business.

Email Marketing Can Be As Easy As ABC

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing, as you may have suspected, is the use of email in your marketing campaign. The term email marketing covers any email messages or email newsletters that you may send to your customers, prospects or the public. Generally, however, it refers primarily to the following:

  • Many businesses use direct opt in email marketing in an attempt to not only persuade your existing customers to make another purchase, but to also acquire new customers.

    Direct email marketing requires you to send a promotional message as an email. This message may be announcing a special promotion, as an example. Just as you would have a subscribers list for postal addresses, you should also have an email list for all of your customers and prospects. You can also buy email list from a service company to obtain purchased leads. These email lists can help you with your targeting email campaign.

  • Several companies use custom email marketing that is designed to enhance the relationships that you have with your customers as well as to encourage loyalty among your customers.

    This form of email is generally sent in the form of custom business email online newsletters. Email newsletters may include a promotional message or advertisement, but will focus mainly on the development of a long-term relationship with your customers and prospects. Free email newsletter templates are available online. There are also many services available to teach you how to create email newsletters. There is a website online by the name of Ways to Get Noticed that has a lot of helpful information and email newsletter tips available.

  • Many companies use emails that other people send by placing marketing messages or other advertisement in these emails.

    Instead of trying to create online newsletters yourself, you can find custom email newsletters that are published by other people and pay for them to place your advertisements in the customer newsletters that they send to people on their business mailing list. Several enewsletters are created solely for the purpose of selling advertisement space to other companies.

Recommended site:

If you are looking for a good resource to handle email marketing for you, Ready Campaigns offers a whole host of resources and urther adviceat a very affordable price.

Copyright -- Eva Serrabassa
Copyright -- Eva Serrabassa

How Can Email Marketing Help With The Success Of My Online Business?

It is of great importance to have an email marketing strategy in place for your online business. You will find that by creating an email newsletter you will have an opportunity to educate your prospects and customers with information on the services and products that you offer. If your customers have a greater understanding of how your business works, they will be more likely to make a purchase.

Business email marketing is electronically equivalent to other forms of marketing that companies previously relied on in the past such as direct mail, print newsletters or magazine and newspaper ads. The major difference is that with targeting email campaigns, you must have the permission of the receiver to send them your email marketing newsletters, or else your online email marketing will not be effective emailing.

In order for your company to be perceived as a reputable company and not just another spammer, you must use a permission-based business mailing list for your email campaigns to market your products and services. If you do not have the permission of the email address owner to send them your customer email online newsletters then your email newsletters will be marked as unsolicited commercial or bulk email marketing. Long-term successful business to business email marketing relationships with your customers and prospects can only be achieved if they are carried out on the basis of permission.

Email marketing is rapidly growing in popularity due to the fact that online email marketing is cheaper than almost all other types of communication and advertisement. Email delivery lets you send your marketing message to your customers and prospects without having to wait and hope that they pay a visit to your website on the Internet. When done correctly, business email marketing is an effective way of making money online.

By publishing your own custom b2c email online newsletters, you are creating a way to earn extra money on the Internet. Custom email online newsletters are a way for your company to develop personal credibility. Once your customers accept you as credible in your field, you will be well on your way to a successful making money online opportunity.

Is There A Downside To Email Marketing?

The answer is yes, there is a downside to email marketing. Even though business email marketing is a prosperous way of communicating with your target audience, there are some disadvantages that can lead to problems for companies using business to business email marketing as an internet money making idea. This is due mostly to the fact that while several reputable companies are working hard to earn money online through the use of an email newsletter system, there are several companies out there that choose to send spam or unsolicited bulk email marketing.

It is possible to have your newsletters, even though they are solicited and genuine, caught by your customers spam filter and sent directly to the trash. If you are labeled as a spammer, your company can be blacklisted instantly, you may even lose your email account and in some places, you can even be arrested for breaking the law.

How Can You Make Your Email Marketing Campaign More Effective?

Email marketing can be quite tricky. It is a powerful resource, but can also easily be abused. Email marketing can be seen as easy and at the same time difficult. Here are some ways that you can make your online email marketing campaign more effective:

  • Personalize your marketing emails and address and greet your recipients by name.
  • Avoid using symbols such as $$$ that are frequently used by spammers.
  • Avoid sending your marketing emails during the months of January, July, August and December because many people are away from their computers during the holidays and your message could be piled in with many messages and deleted without being read.

You will learn several other tricks along the way. Pay attention to the spam email that you receive; you can learn what not to do and avoid having your unread messages deleted or blocked.

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      10 years ago from Central Nebraska

      this is good, as i have been wondering how to approach this area. Thank you.

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      10 years ago

      Fantastic Hub! Excellent how to information all online businesses must know! Thanks!


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