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Email marketing Tips Your business can’t do without

Updated on May 22, 2013

Introduction to email marketing

Email marketing is the perfect way to keep your customers up-to-date with your latest campaigns and posts.

It creates lasting and lucrative relationships with your users by building a contact list of customers and prospects, which brings innumerous advantages right from the start.

In a simple way; your website user, or store user subscribes to your mailinglist through a form placed on your site, enabling you to keep your client updated through email newsletters with the content he finds relevant to him. This is possible with an email marketing tool such as AWeber; Email Marketing Newsletter Software.

As an example, imagine that you have a jewelry store (online or offline), and have just launched a new product line. If you were using email newsletters, you could send your campaign directly to every subscriber, knowing that these could convert into sales very easily, mainly because the people on the list are interested in your product. Think about that. Building a list of potential customers is essential to any business.

Another example of what you can do with AWeber is to segment your users into multiple lists depending on their preferences.

Let’s say for instance you own that online jewelry store and have the mailing list that users can subscribe to. You can offer them options to subscribe to content according to their interests e.g. silver or gold.

Or lets say you run an ad agency, and manage email marketing for various customers. AWeber allows you to have an unlimited number of lists within one account for all your customers. And you will only be charged based upon the total number of subscribers in your account across all lists.

With email marketing you can work on your brand exposure, the benefits of a product, suggest purchases to customers, sell and deliver an e-course, you name it!

Converting into Sales

Do you acknowledge the importance of interacting with your customers?

Nowadays, creating a relationship with your customers is the best way to do business. It places your brand at the same level of interaction with consumers, resulting in a more personalized and emotional perspective. This can be created or enforced through email marketing.

You probably know that many people don’t buy a product the first time they access your site, but they may subscribe to your newsletter, where you can constantly remind them about the benefits of your product. Here, creating an incentive for them to join your list is essential - It can be an eBook, gift voucher, or any other goodie. From here you can promote your product several times over a short period of time, and most of the times will eventually sell.

In any of the previous situations, interaction with your customers through email is just as important as having something to promote.

The potentialities of an email marketing campaign are huge, and have a really good Return on Investment (ROI) when you have it set up correctly with the excellent service provided by AWeber, and that has a good relationship with ISPs.

Why it is important to have good relationships with ISPs?

There are many automated products out there. Ones you can install on the backoffice of your website and even software that you can download, but these are only programs that send mass mail out and are recognized by Internet Service Providers as Spam resulting in a delivery toll of about 30%. The other 70% go to Trash.

One of the reasons this happens is because ISPs don’t relate your domain as a sender. It just isn’t the main service.

And that’s why having a service like AWeber, that has a close relationship to ISPs, can help your message get through Spam filters resulting in a 99% delivery rate.

Having a high deliverability rate is of upmost importance if for instance; you are promoting or selling a product or service where the use of an autoresponder generates a source of automated sales. You could be losing thousands by not getting your messages through.

Why create an Autoresponder?

Autoresponders really come in handy if you are promoting a product or service, which uses a sequence of scheduled messages. For example, you have created a 5 week e-course, and instead of sending out scheduled email personally, you can setup an autoresponder to send a message to the user as soon as he subscribes, giving him a link to the first part of his course. One week later (as you have programmed), a message with the second part of the course, and then the third part another week after that, and so on…

This is only one of the hundreds of examples out there, which you have seen yourself and maybe never realized.

Advantages of Email Marketing

  1. Enables you to promote your products and services globally, resulting in better sales performance
  2. Creates notoriety and attracts new customers to your business
  3. Solidifies relationships between customers and brands
  4. Affirms your position in the market and creates better brand reputation
  5. Enables you to communicate with a wider audience

Tips for email marketing campaigns

  1. Analyze your data closely, and perform tests with your campaigns. Whatever works, stick to that and improve it.
  2. Use demographics and interests of your audiences to improve your campaign performance
  3. Feed a proximate relationship with your customer by using their name in a message
  4. If you’re not using images then use links to sections of your site in between your paragraphs. This will visually help break down the huge lump of text.
  5. Do email marketing by the book and don’t Spam
  6. Have your customer recommend your list to their friends by adding an endnote after every newsletter explaining how they can do that
  7. Use “Call for Action” in your messages
  8. Offer exclusive information and goodies for subscribers. This not only keeps the current ones thirsty but incentivizes for new ones too…
  9. Keep in touch with subscribers, frequently
  10. Be creative

Advantages of working with Aweber

  1. Aweber is a reputable company with over 12 years of experience and has over 80,000 customers all over the world
  2. Trial month costs only $1, and immediately see your list rise
  3. Allows unlimited lists and easy list segmenting management
  4. See how many emails were delivered
  5. See how many emails were opened and how many people clicked on links within them (link tracking)
  6. Integrates with blogging platforms allowing you to create emails from your posts

If you would like to test AWeber first, you can start with AWeber's $1 trial now

Have fun at it and Good luck!


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    • rogermac profile image

      Roger Mac 4 years ago from Cascais - Portugal

      Thanks AmbitiousMarketer. I do use sales videos combined with email marketing because is provides higher conversion rates.

    • AmbitiousMarketer profile image

      Mark Johnson 4 years ago from England

      Rogermac great article you got there you certainly know what you're talking about. Can I ask, do you know much about video or have you already included a sales video in your email marketing campaigns?

      I have a hub that shows the positive statistics by using this method and was just wondering whether or not you are aware of it.