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Emotional Intelligence: The New BuzzWord!!

Updated on May 8, 2015

Why You Need Emotionally Intelligent Leaders!

Emotional Intelligence, though, has been into existence for quite some long time now, but it is only now that the corporate set-ups have been realizing its significance in managing workforce. The HR leaders, your conflict managers, every now and then come across issues that need to be handled cautiously. And for that, you need to have professionals with high Emotional Intelligence.

As an HR, you can never say you have a smooth job of managing workforce while sitting in your cabins. Alas! But that’s true for HR people as they have hell lot of things and matters to look after and still keep things moving in proper order.

It goes like this: you want to join~call HR, you have a problem~call HR, you need leave~call HR, you want to resign~call HR, even after leaving the company, you need to complete formalities~again call HR!!!



Phew!! With so many things to do, this species definitely needs the power of a SUPERHERO to get all of this done perfectly and with sanity!

Of all the challenging roles, the most common and crucial one is to manage conflicts at the workplace. But they do occur and every day you have some fresh issue cropped up to be dealt with!

What to do in such situations, if you are not a head strong person? You never know, it might elevate your stress levels taking toll on your health as well as on overall organization’s work culture. A fair remedial solution to it is working on your Emotional Intelligence.

Here are some sensible reasons why your HR people must take it seriously !

In the prevailing business environments, HR pros need to be emotionally intelligent to handle different situations. It offers a package of behavioral skills that include effective communication, taking initiatives and fostering great relationships. Not only it is needed in HR people, but even your workforce needs it badly. With growing competition and deadlines, everyone has to be on toes, and thus to keep your cool and retain morale, it is really important to be emotionally intelligent.

While there is this entire buzz around developing emotional intelligence, here are some sensible reasons why your HR people must take it seriously and start finding ways to develop one:


To Embrace that Change:

Managers and supervisors need this high-level self-awareness to pull-off changes and embrace new people added in their cantonment. This is really important as change is constant and if you don’t come out of your inner reluctance to accept changes, you are like to paralyze the growth of your company.


To Counter Situations With Controlled Emotions:

Controlling your emotions during tough situations is the prime most skill that business leaders and managers need. With a good emotional quotient, you will be able to take on the pressure and stress during sturdy times to find out better solutions instead of getting into blame games or scolding team members. This will help you develop strong bonding with your sub-ordinates and colleagues as well!


To Let Employees Go “Their” Way:

The biggest growth and productivity drivers are innovation and creativity. You must not limit your employees from being creative or try out new ways to accomplish regular tasks. Organizations having leaders with high EI are more likely to grow and succeed as compared to those who have leaders with restricted mind-sets.

To Recognize Diversity & React Rightly:

Leaders must be able to judge different characteristics and traits in different individuals and leverage this diversity for better results. Only a person with high EI can use this approach by utilizing talent on the basis of individual expertise. With blending diverse talents, you can carve out the top performing teams!

Paul Ekman

To Make Your Business Stand Tall:

Adopt the idea of having a workforce comprising of emotionally intelligent individuals. This can be a dream come true for organizations as there will be no looking back then, everyone will be self-aware of his/her responsibilities and will act accordingly. This one workforce quality can make you stand tall among your peers and always stay ahead of the curve.

Dovetailing the reasons, emotional intelligence IS a key driver of your organizational success. Even the years of deep research on the subject have proven that it is a critical factor that sets outstanding leaders apart from the crowd. And so, your organization must have people with high EI to better deal with tricky situations and come out with flying colors.


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