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Entropia Universe, How can you make money.

Updated on June 22, 2016

Entropia Universe introduction video


As mentioned in a previous article there is quite a lot that you can do in Entropia Universe, and as it has a totally player driven economy it makes anything you do in game something that you could potentially turn a profit from.

Firstly I should discuss the game in a little more detail, the games currency is called P.E.D or Project Entropia Dollars, the conversion rate currently stands at 10 PED equating to 1 USD.

As an aide to give more detail I will direct you to the video to the right of this panel, it provides information on the basic tasks that you can attempt in game and how to go about doing them.

Hunting Tutorial


As mentioned above and for those of you who have watched the video that goes into detail about the game itself, there are 3 main "jobs" that you as the player can attempt to do.

The first is hunting, the prerequisites for this job are simple, buy a gun or melee weapon, get some ammunition and a suit of armour (for those of you that intend on playing this game get a suit of pixie armour)

The next thing for you to do, is to find a creature that is economical to actually hunt in the first place, don't bother hunting anything with "puny" in its name, that is just a colossal waste of time and money, you will never see a return on what you have spent.

The mainstay of people that play Entropia Universe will hunt, purely for the fact that whatever you kill, whilst increasing your proficiency in whatever weapon you choose to use, rifles, pistols, mindforce etc, it also gives you the chance to pick up loot from the defeated creature.

You might even global (global, HoF and ATH are what happens when you kill a creature that has a high ped value of loot on them, we will go into that later).

This video titled huntinf tutorial will go into further detail, on what to hunt, how to hunt, how to know when to quit etc.

Talk on crafting


The next main job so to speak in Entropia Universe is called crafting, crafting can be very profitable, just as hunting can be, but it can also burn through the most PED to start with, it is a rather (in my opinion) boring way to play the game as you stand by a crafting station whilst you wait for whatever you are making to either succeed, fail or nearly succeed (which tends to just give some core ingredients back).

This video titled "Talk on crafting" goes into much better detail on how everything works etc, so I would advise checking it out.

The main thing to be wary of with crafting and I say it in the video is that, with crafting it is like throwing money into a well, eventually it will begin to overflow and you will start seeing a profit from it.

There are people that get 54000 ped ($5400) ATH's (All Time Highs) which land them in the hall of fame for the day, it is and it isn't a great way to make money, it is more time intensive than the likes of hunting, mining or any other minor job available, but it also requires less activity from you the player.

my first Hall of Fame drop


The final of the 3 main jobs that are available in Entropia Universe is mining, all this requires from the user is to buy depth finder (I would advise ignoring trade terminal depth finders and make use of the auction house to get yourself something called Finder F-101), some mining probes that you can buy at a trade terminal and an excavator of which can also be bought at a trade terminal, at a later date when you have made a bit of money from what you have mined you may also invest in amplifiers that will increase the depth and range of your finder

The video to the right labelled my first HoF (Hall of Fame drop) is what you can typically expect to happen on occasion when mining in Entropia Universe, in it I find one of the more common stones (lysterium) which overall value amounted to 117 Ped or $11.70.

considering each drop uses 0.05 pec worth of probes it was a rather large profit, especially as it was the first mining probe I had put down that day, there are of course All Time High drops you can get and people seem to regularly get whilst mining too.

How to use the Auction House

I made $100 dollars from the auction

What to do with all that loot, mined resources, crafted equipment

Once you have played the game for any amount of time and have either been mining, hunting or crafting dependent on what you chose to do in the game, you will find your inventory has accumulated goods from any one of the above tasks.

The next question is what do you do with it, the obvious answer to that of course is sell it, but be careful not to sell everything to the trade terminal, as most items such as all mined resources and crafted goods and the mainstay of looted items found whilst hunting, can be sold on the player auction.

The player auction allows you to sell your items at a higher price than what you would receive from the trade terminal, and is a much better way of making money, you could typically become a trader of goods if you so wished, but that is more closely based off luck than the previously discussed methods of earning money in Entropia Universe.

For example, I bought a gun for 390 PED ($39) and then sold it for 500 PED ($50), making an overall profit of 110 PED or $11.

The auction house is your best bet on making the most from your gathered resources and can turn what may have been a bad hunt, mining run or crafting session into a profit, all dependent on the current demand and how much supply there is available.

My advice to all new users is to always use the auction house, whilst I have personally made over $230 dollars in this game I have no doubt that I would have made a great deal more if I had made use of the Auction from the very beginning.

The video to the side here labelled how to use the auction house will go into greater detail about the correct way in which to use it, how to calculate Mark-up value for any given item etc.

sweating in Entropia Universe

Additional Jobs

The above discussed ways of making money in this game are not the only ways to make cash in Entropia Universe, there are a plethora of ways to make extra cash, the video labelled sweating in Entropia Universe is yet another way to make a little extra PED in the game.

This method of earning can be slow, but it cost you nothing to do, you simply equip the VSE Mk1 that everyone gets in the beginning that also never breaks or runs out, go join one of the sweat camps (details in the video) and start sweating.

I will warn you that it can be quite tedious at times, but you can make around 1.8 PED for every thousand bottles of sweat gathered.

The pros for this method of earning is that it is free, easy and a steady constant as you will never fail to find buyers.

The only con to this method of earning is simply that it is time consuming and can get a little boring, the best way of avoiding this though is to just sweat 500 bottles a day and sell them to other players when you have around 50 - 100 PED or $5- $10 worth of sweat saved up.

free ways to make money in Entropia Universe

Other methods of earning in Entropia Universe

The above mentioned and discussed methods of earning PED in Entropia Universe are not the only ways to make money, there is a plethora of ways to make money in the game, here I will outline the rest, if not in slightly less detail.

1, mechanic, every so often someone in the game will have broken their vehicle, whether it's by crashing it a few too many times or if an angry mob destroyed it in pursuit of it's occupants, all you need for this job is welding wire and a repair tool which can be bought on the auction, people will pay for the service and you can charge for the additional use of the welding wire and for the degradation on your repair tool, it can be profitable and it is easy to get a pretty steady customer base.

2. taxi driver, well as silly as it might sound there is an ability to become a taxi driver in this game, it simply involve you buying some space going vessel such as a quadwing interceptor and going onto the chat and asking if anyone wants to be brought from planet A to planet B, the usual fee for travel tends to be somewhere in and around 5 PED from planet to planet, but the overall price is up to your own discretion, this can be slow, monotonous and boring at times, but it is easy PED.

3. stylist, as with every MMORPG that has any sense of customization available to the user, you will encounter the ability to dye hair, paint vehicles and guns etc, the main need for the stylist profession is to simply have paint, styling gel and or hair dye (dependent on which route you take of course), as unsurprising as it is there is a rather high demand for colour customized clothing, hairstyles, vehicles and weapons in this game and people will pay through the nose quite happily for these new colorful things

4. healer, yes there is a medic like class in this game, all you need is to buy some form of healing device either from the trade terminal or from the auction, of which I would advise you get from the later of the two. The next step from there is to find a team wanting to go on a hunt and ask to join as the teams designated healer.

Your sole job is to make sure that the other party members don't die (clearly) you gain pay for the degradation of your healing device and most teams grant a 10% loot payment towards the healer alongside the initial payment for that players device.

It can be fun and you can make a lot of easy money this way, with little to no cost to yourself, this particular job is one I would advise new players to look into above all else.

5. Trader, As mentioned in the section on using the auction as a way to make money in this game, being a trader is a job that a player puts all his ped into buying items from auction houses cheap and then attempts to make money from them by selling them on the auction again but at a much higher price, it can be profitable, but it is akin to playing Russian roulette sometimes you will make a great sale, but from what I have heard personally it more than likely fails due to the extensive research required by the trader on the in game market etc.

6.Pet tamer, as you may already have ascertained, this job involves taming creatures that can be later sold to other players as pets, pets essentially don't do an awful lot, they can't carry excess loot, nor can they aide you in combat, but they do look pretty cool, people that go down this route can expect to make some pretty serious money if they put the time into it, but going by that same vein of thought, it also takes a rather decent investment of both time and money to be able not only tame the creatures but to also find people willing to buy them

7. The final thing you can do to make PED (that I know of) in Entropia Universe is to go walking, as you walk you will encounter piles of stone, dung and fruit, stones are needed for crafting and once you have 1000 of any particular stone you may sell it on to another player either directly or through the auction house you can earn anywhere from 30 PED upwards from stones, the same goes for dung which is used by players that own land in the game as it helps them to decide what kind of creatures live there however you won't earn as much from 1000 dung as you would from the stones or fruit.

As for fruit, it is the most expensive one of all you can see profits of upwards of 50 PED from 1000 of any particular fruit, as they are used in the creation of nutribars that players need to feed their pets.

Overall walking can prove to be profitable over time but patience is a very important part of this "job" as it can take hours for anything to pop up.


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