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Erasmus for young entrepreneurs: think European, grow your business

Updated on July 8, 2015

Very useful to look outside for opportunities. Although very simple businesses that manages always the same clients are still surviving (pitchmen will never leave planet hearth and one can never say they don't manage international clients) it is widely known relating abroad helps. Being a continent where goods, people and capitals can circle freely, Europe needs this flow to be strengthen. A principle of macroeconomics is in fact a union or a federation becomes richer and stronger through the mobility of its companies and workers. Everyday, we can see the most relational companies growing richer (or at least avoiding better economic blasts).


That's why the EU commission finances Education and Training for youth; that's part of the sustainable growth item (16 billions spent in 2013). I had a good time making a research on the Erasmus database and in particular the one in which entrepreneurs take part (I am one of those). This research among people joining this program, from 2012 to now, shows a prevalence of southern european taking part of it, while northern Europe is the favourite target.

Erasmus YE participants: where are they from, where they want to go


The fact a country does show a positive or a negative gap can be due to (at least) three factor.

1 The wage is stimulating for (people from) some countries more than for others

2 Certain countries have a better reputation for what concerns making business

3 Certain countries have a better level of english. In fact a country has a higher probability to be chosen as first option the highest is the number of english speaking people in the society / business networks

At least 1 and 3 points are not confirmed by the lack of a significant gap in Portugal, which can be considered as deviant case.

For entrepreneurs willing to go to Italy as a first choice there's a noticeable presence (over 25%) of people related mainly to these fields: Food, beverages, tobacco and related products ; clothing, footwear, leather and textile ; hotel, restaurant, tourism, travel services and wellness.

United states of Europe ; are they going to be set?


Considering all the quarrels and questions Europe is facing, being criticized for its policy that overthrown national sovreignity, Europe is actually going to change or to come to an end. Europe will add a fiscal union beside to monetary union, in order to prevent single nations to have a fiscal policy that is too spend-friendly. That could be one of the future scenarios, and actually not the worst one.

Do you think it's wise for European guys to work for three months abroad?

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