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Ethical Issues

Updated on October 19, 2016

Ethical Issues

          In today’s business climate, ethics and its issues are constantly in the news and has brought increased attention to its negative implications to the general population.  With the complete lack of morality and business ethics, it seems that Enron brought ethics into the limelight.  Due to the violations of Enron and other multi-million dollar companies during the first part of this century, regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) were enacted to try to put a stop on ethical violations.  With the advent of SOX, the number of corporations engaging in ethics training increased.

          At the place of employment where the writer of this paper works, ethical issues are a plenty.  The business, where the writer of this paper works, manufactures over 40 lines of Health and Beauty products.  3 examples will be cited with respect to ethical issues:

      1) Misappropriation of merchandise is an ethical misconduct that will lead to immediate termination of employment!  It is a sad event to have heard of, but recently, a long-time employee was caught taking two boxes of merchandise that were not paid for and placed in the employee’s vehicle.  There was already suspicion of this, so an undercover investigator was hired for this task.

      2) Currently, the owner of the business is being faced with having to sell-off three of its buildings that face a major street which the City of Los Angeles wants to tear down in order to give way for a major renovation.  The Mayor of the city has been to the business on several occasions, for the owner of the business does not wish to sell and is fighting the city’s Eminent Domain law.  The owner of the business is being faced with an ethical dilemma on whether to sell and profit or to keep the buildings and not have to displace several employees.

      3) Management must constantly deal with employees and their many issues that occur on a daily basis.  For example; employees’ time and the abusing of it.  Recently, an employee who was constantly late in the mornings had to be terminated.  Decisions like this are difficult to make, but must be made if a manager wants to maintain order in his or her department.

          In conclusion, business ethics deals with rules and regulations at ones’ place of employment. Knowing what is right versus wrong and staying on the right track is what will make an ethically sound employee.  There are many ethical issues with respect to a business.  Some of them are: stealing, the business owner having to decide whether to sell part of his or her business, and being on time to work.


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