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European Business Growth Catalyst Pilot Tremendously Successful

Updated on May 1, 2015

The Pilot of the European Business Growth Catalyst, or EBGC, was launched last autumn by the European Centre for Business Growth, at Sheffield University, ALBA Graduate Business School and ESADE Business School.

In association with the Consultancy Academy, the course provided academic assistance and guidance to 67 SMEs, including 35 in the UK, to allow them the skills and knowledge needed to take their businesses to new, ground-breaking heights. This Pilot of the scheme proved to be tremendously successful, with participants finding not only achieving new knowledge, but also great confidence. – 85% of which expressed great satisfaction. Here are what some had to say;

“The EBGC has been a really worthwhile experience, not only for networking and developing partnerships with other colleagues, but a real encouragement of expanding my organisation across Europe.”

“Not only has it given me the tools to ensure my business is commercially viable and fit for growth, I have gained significant confidence in my ability to develop the business.”

“[The EBGC] focused me on what the end goal is and actually what I need to achieve.”

If you would like to find out more about the EBGC and what it could offer for your business, please visit the European Centre for Business Growth’s website, which has information on the scheme and what it can help you achieve. This can be found at


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