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Evian Baby Dancing Videos Campaign!! The Story Behind The Water Bottle´s Ads. Includes Baby Inside Video.

Updated on February 18, 2015

Evian Live Young

Evian bottled water claims to revive the baby in you
Evian bottled water claims to revive the baby in you | Source

Christian Lacroix Evian Water Bottle

To revive its brand with high-end consumers Evian constantly launches new designer bottles
To revive its brand with high-end consumers Evian constantly launches new designer bottles | Source

Get this Limited Edition Designs Before They Are Gone

Evian Special Edition 2012
Evian Special Edition 2012

Evian Glass Bottle Special Edition 2012 designed by Courreges.


Evian - Live Young Campaign

The French bottled water brand has been convincing the world their water is so pure and healthy that it makes you younger bringing the baby inside you. It all started when the Marquis de Lessert zipped some water from a spring on Mr. Cachat´s property in Evian-les-Bains back in 1789. His kidney stones where cured and the legend begins. Thermal treatments begin to happen in the place with hopes of better health, healing and youth.

Evian water comes from the Northern Alps after being filtered through layers of glacial sand during a process that takes 15 years. The water drops take an underground journey inside the mountain hearth that ends in the Cachat Spring where it is bottles with no chemicals. Guala! You get pure and authentic Alp water.

In 1935, Evian water was marketed directly to babies (supposedly, it still is in France) becoming “the water for feeding-bottles” recommended by doctors since its purity makes its safer to drink than boiled water. I assume this is when the entire baby frenzy began with the brand.

Now days Evian water is not marketed to babies but adults as a premium brand, making the connection of Evian water with a healthy lifestyle… and what better symbol of youth than a baby. To maintain its status several limited editions of the bottles have been made by high-end designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and the Haute Couture Limited Edition designed by Christian Lacroix.

Since 2009 Evian has launched a “Live Young” campaign that begun with “Evian Roller Babies”. The videos became an online success with millions of views carrying the message, “awake the baby inside of you”.


Evian - Baby and Me

Evian last viral video shows us a reflection of our inner baby
Evian last viral video shows us a reflection of our inner baby | Source

Baby and Me - Evian Newest Viral Sensation

“Baby and Me” it’s the latest viral video of the brand featured on Youtube on Friday, April 19 of 2013. A man walking down the street stops to fix his hair on a bus wing mirror and spots himself as a baby staring right back.

Amazed once he realizes the baby mimics everything he does, he dances to the lyrics of the remix "Here Comes the Hotstepper" and the baby responds from a shops window. Other pedestrians join in the dance creating a break dance battle between the adult-self and the baby-self. Evian is getting Freudian!

According to Evian´s global brand director Laurent Houel “its all about letting go, a spontaneous and communicative frenzy”.

400 babies were cast to match adult look-alikes and aired on T.V. on April 21 of 2013.

Free apps for Facebook, Android and iPhone will be available to mimic the viral commercial. Advanced facial recognition software will transform your adult face into the baby-you, and if you happen to be in Paris “Baby-booths” will be scattered around the city to take your toddler picture.

The “Baby and Me” commercial was created by BETC Paris and directed by We Are From LA through production house Iconoclast

Evian Baby and Me Commercial

Evian - Babies Inside

This time Avian brings the baby inside with t-shirts that can be aquired in their online store
This time Avian brings the baby inside with t-shirts that can be aquired in their online store | Source

Guinness Record Roller Babies

Roller Babies became the most viral video of all time in Guiness Records
Roller Babies became the most viral video of all time in Guiness Records | Source

Evian Baby Inside – The Longest Movie in the World

In 2011, Evian launched its second ad campaign with the baby theme. This time adults wear white t-shirts with baby bodies that are skipped on a photographic series like a flipbook. To date it has almost 3 million views but it is on the way of making the WORLD´S LONGEST MOVIE of which you can be part.

Add Agency BETC Euro RSCG

Song: Tom Tom Club's 'Word Rappinghood', remixed by DJ Mehdi and Uffie

Get the music track from Amazon: Here Comes the Hotstepper (Evian Version - Yuksek Remix) (Radio Edit)

Evian Roller Babies – World Guinness Record for Most Viral Video

The first Evian baby commercial “Evian Roller Babies”, was released in 2009 and currently holds the World Guinness Record for most viral video of all time. After the Evian Roller Babies success, the sales on the water brand actually declined. The video went viral and obtained 50 million views but lost 25 percent of its market share due to the U.S. and European economic crisis. Consumers have moved on to mid and lower priced brands leaving Evian less than 1% of the market share.

Evian Roller Babies

Baby Break Dance

Here is an extra video made after the success of Roller Babies. Kind of spooky don´t ya´think?

Wanna Taste Of Evian?

Do this amazing baby videos make you curious about trying Evian bottled water?

See results

Fun Links:

Be part of Evian´s Baby Inside longest movie and laugh your brains out. Just follow this link and fit your face into the baby shirt.


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