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Executing Training Seminar in London to Perfection

Updated on June 8, 2013
Training Seminar in London
Training Seminar in London

Training seminar is a way to inculcate the necessary skills and knowledge among employees. Else, it is also used to increase the productivity of the employees through a series of dedicated programmes or seminars. As the business environment is increasingly becoming more competitive in London, it is often vital to hold training seminars to improve the quality of your resources to stay alive in the competition.

If your organization has decided to hold a training seminar and you have been assigned the responsibility of planning the event, then you have to design your training seminar in the most comprehensive manner. Your training seminar should infuse vitality into the workforce rather than draining them. Below are some of the ideas that you should incorporate while planning the training seminar in London.

Venue With Ample Space
Venue With Ample Space

Selecting the Most Appropriate Venue

Choose the venue designated exclusively for holding business affairs like workshops, seminars, meetings and training seminars. While you are selecting from the wide array of best London venues for business event, make certain that it has comforting services. Most of the seminar venues in London come with facilities like central London location, sophisticated AV equipment, projectors, capacious rooms and on-site catering.

After you have confirmed booking, make a personal visit to the venue and inspect the facilities and services provided. In addition to this, enquire whether there will be enough parking space at the venue or not.

Identifying the Aim
Identifying the Aim
Involving Everyone in Planning
Involving Everyone in Planning

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Preparing/Designing a Training Seminar

It is one of the most vital steps while you are preparing a training seminar. Planning and designing an effectual training seminar needs organized and systematic efforts. There are few things which you should bear in mind while preparing the agenda for your training seminar.


Research thoroughly for the needs of holding a seminar for the organization. Identify the areas which need refurbishing in the organization. Training seminars are of two types: First type focuses on the organization as a whole and the second type focussing on specific sections of the organization. It is your duty to identify which type of training seminar your organization needs.

Identification of Aim

Frame the focal point for your training seminar. Identify and structure the goals and the main aim of your training seminar. Afterwards, see to it if the organization needs a refresher course or just a simple training module will do the task.

In addition to this, try to introduce as detailed information as possible. That does not mean you have to plunge into lectures. Detailed information implies that you should provide ample and easily comprehensible data to your attendees.

Involving Everyone

If you have been given the responsibility of organizing the seminar, it does not imply that you should be the sole brain behind planning. Involve every employee who would be participating in the training seminar into the planning part. This way, you will have a heterogeneous mix of brains, resulting in a diversity of planning ideas. Along with this, the employees will feel that their contribution is being recognised, resulting in better coordination when the event is on.

Highlighting the Nuances
Highlighting the Nuances
Meaningful Lectures
Meaningful Lectures

Scheduling the Event

Pick the most appropriate time and date for the event. Do not schedule the training seminar for Monday or Friday as they are the busiest days of the week. Wednesday and Thursday will be most apt for it. As far as timing of the event is concerned, start the seminar early in the day so that it concludes at day’s end.


While creating budget for the programme, keep in mind every minute aspect. Scour for the resources already available with the organization and then create a budget. Include everything into the budget list be it cost of materials, length of the program, design time, fee for trainer (if you have hired any) or venue fee.


Training seminars are not your usual seminars that end in three hours. They usually last a day as organizing discussions and then holding training workshops consume time. Therefore, plan according to this factor.


Zero in on the activities and ways through which you would be providing training to your employees in the training seminar. Handing out thick sheaves of paper with accompanying lectures will not earn the support of the attendees. Different aims or objectives need varied approaches. For example, if you are organising a training seminar for improving the functionality of your HR managers, role-playing will be an effective strategy. On the other hand, if you are simply elaborating the nuances of a new hiring process, short notes and lectures will be the best option.


Keep the lectures and speeches as short as possible. Focus should be on providing employees with insightful information and not typed prose. Incorporate the perfect mix of theory and practical information.

Seminar Tips

Decor of the Seminar Venue
Decor of the Seminar Venue
Ideal Wall Colours
Ideal Wall Colours

Decor for the Training Seminar

The decor of the venue for your training seminar should be inspirational yet subdued. That is, it should not be too flashy and eye-catchy. Training seminars are essentially formal affairs. However, keep appearance motivating and chic with these ideas:

Colours for Walls

Even though the choice of colours is contingent on the type of training seminar you are organizing, yet it would be best to go for formal, subdued colours like orange, cream and white for the venue. Else, you can try the complimentary-colour pattern i.e. colours that gel with each other. Some of the best combinations which you can opt for your training seminar are:

  • Black, Cream and Gold
  • Navy Blue, Grey and White
  • Silver, White and Black
  • Red and Cream

Additionally, if you have colours designated for your business enterprise, then you can also opt for them.


Keep long roundtables adorned with skirted tablecloths. Plain white and cream-coloured table covers will infuse a professional touch to the ambience. If you want to add a touch of informality (in case, the seminar is not extremely formal), use tablecloths with mild floral patterns. Place a vase in the middle of the table, however, the flowers in the vase should not be Rose or Lilies (as they connote casual air). Instead, go for Tulips and Carnations.

The thing to remember is that the vase you choose should be either White or Black. Clear vases are also an option as they do not distract attention.

Light Snacks
Light Snacks
Pink Grapefruit Drinks
Pink Grapefruit Drinks

Arrangements for the Meals and Refreshments

As training seminars usually last a day, refreshments and meals should be planned in advance. Portions should be small, refreshing and energising. When it comes to meals, have “crowd favourite” as the main course meal. However, you should keep in mind certain things before making the food arrangements for the training seminar:

  • Inform the on-site caterers at your seminar venue in London beforehand about the requirements. Always have the provision of 10% more than what you think would be enough. Additionally, if there are certain people in your audience who are vegetarians, then you should tell caterers about this too.
  • As the event would be day-long, ask the on-site caterers to have an ample stock of refreshments. Non-alcoholic drinks like Thai Iced Tea, Soda with Bitters, Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate Soda and other such drinks will be perfect accompaniment with the meals.
  • Have healthy snacks that are not heavy and overtly oily for the training seminar. Veggies with dips, French fries, mini bagels with salmon and cream, goat cheese with dried tomatoes and herbs are some of the options which you might consider. Else, you can have your own favourites for the refreshments.

Training seminar is all about identifying the lacunas in the organization and improving them through this channel. Take a cue from these ideas and plan a successful training seminar.


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