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Executive Coaching and Creating a Coaching Culture Within Organizations

Updated on January 7, 2018

Many companies these days are looking for a new type of Leadership, one that will incorporate the human aspects of management as well as focus on overall productivity and results. We call this "Establishing a Coaching Culture".

A Coaching Culture operates using the following principles:

  1. Assuming untapped potential within every employee/manager
  2. Strengthening strengths of every employee/manager
  3. Reinventing constantly – shifting, being flexible, allowing creativity
  4. Looking for other applications for the Coaching Success you create

The objectives of "Establishing a Coaching Culture" are:

  1. to produce Creative Solutions to business challenges
  2. to ensure Excellence in the results produced ensuring Customer Satisfaction
  3. to create Enthusiastic Teams committed to the goals of the organization
  4. to create Meaning and Fulfillment in our work and the work of our teams thus ensuring employee satisfaction
  5. to create Quantum Leap Results, the nearly impossible, the very creative, in order to stay ahead in a changing Business Environment

Another way of looking at it, is that people are looking for more meaning in their work especially as business becomes more technically based. For our own internal satisfaction we all want "meaning" in our work, "to make a difference". Effective "Coaching" creates this, creates Employee Satisfaction because each person knows they are recognized for the difference they make. Executive Coaches: Listen generously, speak authentically, evoke excellence, model leadership, recognize the strengths in people. The biggest challenges for companies right now is "attracting and keeping great employees".

Executive Coaching which leads to creating a "Coaching Culture" honors these values:

  1. Team-work and collaboration
  2. Balancing Work and Personal Life
  3. Family Centeredness
  4. Extreme self-care
  5. Flexible Workplaces
  6. Personal and Professional Growth
  7. Social Responsibility
  8. Creating a Learning Environment
  9. Honouring the Human Spirit
  10. Acknowledgement and rewards

When these values are honoured within a Corporation, people want to be part of the team, they want to stay. The cost of hiring, training, and bringing new employees into the corporate culture to the point where they are productive is huge. Therefore Executive Coaching pays for itself just by increasing employee satisfaction and retaining great people.


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