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Explosive SEO, how to definitely get ranked on page one of Google

Updated on August 21, 2014

SEO that will blow your website up with traffic!

This is a genuine method that is absolutely free. There are no gimmicks,no tricks,nothing to invest but the time to incorporate it into your site or blog. The time is a non factor especially with the guaranteed result of being listed high on the most lucrative search engine results page (SERP), Google. No matter what your SEO background is, it is common knowledge that obtaining top rankings there lands you the best source known of real,unique traffic that exists. I am so excited to share this method with you,I promise it will change the way you drive traffic to your site forever. Plain and simple it works.

A brief introduction of myself

Hi, my name is Matt Heisterman, I am new not only to this site, but the world of online marketing and the SEO world. When I say new, I opened my HP account less than a week ago, and have absolutely no previous experience blogging,online marketing, or any SEO methods for that matter. I currently have a personal project I set out on to explore the world of online marketing to see if a normal guy without any background or experience in any of these areas can make ANY residual income online without buying into all of the get rich quick scams that are out there. I am doing old-school research to compile facts as I go to see if I can develop my own hybrid system at no cost,utilizing methods I learn from countless sources online from all over the net, or tips given to me by others . I then add these methods not only to my constantly evolving project, but to my blog as well to document my process, and offer the info to help others as well. I am all-ears when it comes to advise or tips,and credit is given where do, so by all means please message me any info that can help me,after all I am new to ALL of this and I am determined to make this project work.

You can follow me at the following link as my journey progresses!

Background on this awesome method

As I previously stated, this method is free, I neither invented it or produced the video,and can take no credit for this killer info That was sent to me. Continue to follow me here on HP to get more great info as I find it Or as it is given to me like this video below!

The system explained

Have you noticed that no matter what you enter in google's search bar one of the top results is a Wikipedia page on the exact term you mentioned? This is no coincidence, if the exact term is not spit out on the SERP then a synonymous phrase is listed to Wikipedia . What does this mean? It means the google Algorithm can decipher synonymous content!

Armed with the simple info above all you have to do with your blog or niche site is emulate what Wikipedia does and how they structure their content. enter 5 different terms in the search field and compare the structure Wikipedia uses on each topic. Look specifically at the first line in bold on each topic. It becomes quite prevalent as you look at these wiki pages that they are all structured similarly and google likes what it sees( which is obvious by their SERP ranking.

Take note on all common details that you see similar on these wiki pages, notice the amount of links to other sites on each page? Notice how wiki breaks down large subject matter into easily digested subsections,broken down and thoroughly explained ( with lots of links). Emulate their keyword usage and placement,basically build your own wiki page template , but with your very own unique content. Statistically this should land you within the top 65% on SERP pages without going any further.Yes even before you start back linking .Remember Wikipedia is a site on content,which as it looks is what Google really digs. Notice there are no crazy adds or pop-ups on wikipedia? Just content rich material. This is not to say you can't have adds, just don't light up your site To have a "busy" add presence that is overbearing.

Taking it to the next level with back links .

Now that you should be in the top 35% or so on Google SERP, (dependent on keyword of course) it's time to kick it up a notch with back links. You will want to find your top 5 competitors ( yes you read that right) and contact them with regards to getting them to place a link to your site. The higher up on Google serpent for your same keyword the better, these are prime back links that Google recognizes as "street cred" for your content. I can not stress the importance of these links and their potency in googles algorithm. You can ask to trade links ( as you already have a very respectable standing in the top 35% this should be a non issue with web-masters in the know and SEO experts), or offer some free advertisement,at the worst a few bucks, these truly are your golden ticket. These we will call your tier one links. Now that you have these,attack tier two.

Tier two consists simply of the crappy links anyone can generate on their own, typically through commenting on others blogs with a link pointing to your site, or putting a link pointing to your site in forum signatures. Don't get me wrong these links work, but do not carry nearly the weight the five tier one links do,actually nothing near the potency. Fire these away as you have time, maybe say ten a day,because yes it is said to remain relevant to Google, content and links need to remain fresh, and this is a good way to show that your site has a heartbeat.

Now that's the system, go out there and attack the world, be sure to leave me any comments or tips where you can!

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