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Updated on July 24, 2010

There were only few individuals gifted the ability to face and talk to them naturally even how big is the crowd. They are very confident that they can deliver what they are preparing to say with pride in their eyes. They are well-prepared to answer questions from the public in easy manner. They can elaborate well without any fear in their heart. They can apply a funny stories or with sense of humor to keep the listeners interested and remain in their seats. A lively speaker put the audience in alert with their big-brown eyes looking straight to the speaker with wonder and respect. No one feel sleepy in the entire duration of the speech. The speaker put the audience alive. If given the chance, they participated willingly during the open forum.

But what about those that are handicap in public speaking? How can they overcome their fear to talk to the crowd or to a group?

When someone in fear of talking, their heart beats fast. They feel the dryness of their mouth when they are about to start to speak. They may have nausea and giddeness in their posture. They cannot control such fear. The voice started trembling, the body begin shaking. If aggravate more when talking, stuttering, sometimes increasing the rate of speed. They experience cold feet, sweaty hands and face. Its a terrible experience. Most of this inconvience on the stage or in front of other people occurred in initial moment then later on it started to calm down. But the fear was still there. For some, it may even continue in several minutes more.

It is not easy behaving in natural manner. It becomes a pain in the neck. But there still promise to keep that fear at bay. Some tips may help a little to get rid of that unreasonable emotion.

Experience proved that sitting in a chair while facing the audience may help the inconvenience of feeling afraid. It may not be an ideal action especially in the big crowd but for your own sake and if you think this is the best that you can do to ease that fear, then no one will interrupt you.

Being prepared may build up confidence. It gives you less worry of what you are talking about, the complete details of your speech that can easily be remembered. This is the efforts you've done at home memorizing the lines.

Before facing the crowd, know your audience first. Warm-up your feeling of control. Let the staring eyes flow in your heart. Keep the materials ready. Focus on every details of your speech. Plan it ahead what to do, how to begin.

Preparing in advance make you feel more secure and confident and be able to control yourself against unwarranted mistakes. Know the outline and structure of your speech that you can easily remember when you begin to talk.

You can do your practice alone in your room or somewhere more favorable to you. Speak it loudly and repeatedly. This is one way of registering the speech materials in your memory easily. You can even do a mirror practice so that you can see yourself in the mirror, your own self while delivering, the expression of your face, the calmness of your voice, the natural posture of your body and the easiness of your action. If you can consider all this things, then you are ready to face them.

To be able to refresh in your memory the entire details of your speech. It is best for you to prepare a small note by recording the important outline of your speech to avoid being blank in front of them. You can refer to your notes if sudden forgetfulness occur.

While facing them, shift your focus. If you can not afford to see them straight in the eyes, then see them above their head as if you don't see them. Reduce the level of your anxiety. The magnitude of your fear will control you and you can no longer deliver it properly. Don't be intimidated with their looks. They will not eat you. Visualize them as your common friend. Besides, what you feel, is also what they will feel if given the opportunity to talk to the audience, the same as you.

Do a few deep breath before starting your speech. Relax and focus. Make an introduction by mentioning important people from the audience and thinking them of their presence. Be confident and control any untoward incident  in front of them. Don't panic. Be in command. Enhance your skills and overcome your fears.

Fear of public speaking may interfere the quality of your life, your ability for self-improvement and has adverse impact in your social standing. Your education becomes limited, your career development is hampered by feeling afraid. This will be your challenge. Make it possible, there's no harm in trying.


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