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Facebook Marketing Software

Updated on March 26, 2014

What Make Social Media So Powerful

Taking Pinterest as an example, they grew from nothing to behemoth in a matter of months, due largely to the phenomenon of our era in which people have short attention spans and they require information and stimulation right now. The don't want to be bothered with reading long articles (I'll keep it short, I promise) or trying to figure stuff out.

So Pinterest, with its super-simple picture format and small, short captions was a natural--made success. Click here for the full version of the chart shown so you can see how their growth mapped out. From September 2011 to January 2012 Pinterest grew from 2 million members to almost 12 million... in 5 months!

This same need or desire of people to have short tidbits of information (and lots of of it) also drive sites like Facebook and Twitter. The problem is, as it turns out, that lots of information (and advertising) can get lost in the shuffle of so much. Which is precisely why I believe many (if not most) of the ads ran via Facebook's Ad Manager have such low conversions (clicks)... the ads are tiny and sit tucked away in a conspicuously preset "ad spot" and so people have tuned them out.


Facebook Has The Largest Growth

Of the platforms compared in the chart above you can clearly see how much Facebook growth is outperforming all others. While blogging, for example, saw a year over year growth of just 20%, Facebook grew by a whopping 71%, even while the entire online population only grew 13.8%.

What this shows is that blogging and article creation are no longer the mainstay of affiliate marketers. Anyone looking towards the future needs to begin re-evaluating their online practices and if they're not already, start learning everything they can about social media marketing (and specifically Facebook) if they want their own growth to match the industry's. With more people turning towards these networks there will be fewer customers and clicks available through what will soon be called "old school" traditional blogs.

This doesn't mean the death of blogs, of course, Content sites like Hubpages and even blogs will have their place. What it means, more directly, is that if you want to see your revenue from affiliate offers increase then you'll have to shift towards marketing on these sites or you'll be hard pressed to even maintain your current levels. If the trend is that buyers are moving to another medium, and you remain where you are, does it make sense that in general you would experience more growth? Of course not. Some will, for sure, but the majority of affiliates will see revenue and customers drying up if they rely solely on old methods.

I foresee most affiliates and marketers becoming more well-rounded, which in the end is good for everyone. In the past blogs and articles (in addition to e-mail) where the primary grounds for affiliates and the competition was stiff and the variety low. Now that things are opening up I expect that more people will find a niche in which they can be more creative and carve out their own, new existence.

Some will shift towards Pinterest (a powerful site that is still not being tapped into in any meaningful way by most affiliates I know) and others will ride the machine that is Facebook. The best practice will be to use them all in different ways and to build a broad portfolio so that we don't get pigeon-holed the way we have been with Google. That is, many people built their empires on the back of Google, only to have Google change the rules and crush many affiliates.

Having a broad and diverse marketing strategy is the only smart way to attack the future, and most likely the most lucrative. Each has their unique strengths and weaknesses, and in the coming months we're almost certain to be learning more about these and how it is we can put them to best use. I look forward to it.

via PhotoXpress
via PhotoXpress

Putting The Marketing Pieces Together

It might sounds like I've all but issued a death warrant for traditional mediums like blogs and article marketing, but that isn't the case. The whole point is that there's a shift underway that some people, still, refuse to recognize and acknowledge, and it may well cost them dearly in the long run.

Having blogged for several years and marketed affiliate offers in virtually all of the typical mediums I can say that from my experience in working with other affiliates that the reason many don't embrace (if not engage) this new trend towards social media sites is that they are either 1) unsure how to do it (how to use these networks) or 2) find it too time consuming to create, manage and test campaigns at these sites.

Others have recognized this problem, too, and new software packages are coming out by the numbers. Two this year alone that I know of are FB Infiltrator and FB Echo. A Press Release for FB Echo quotes the developer as saying his new software had to "be push button simple. From start to finish, someone could set it up, configure a few things, push "go" and walk away." Indeed, this is what most people have been waiting for.

While I don't know first-hand what the software will or won't do, I do think it's going to be a huge asset for thousands of affiliates and online marketers who for one reason or another haven't taken the leap into marketing on Facebook. If the thing will truly make the job that simple, there won't be any reason to not get on board the new gravy train. Here's a review of FB Echo for those interested. The software is only being released for 6 days, but who knows if that's true or a marketing ploy.

Why FB Echo & Social Media Are Important

Another Example Of Social Media Prominence

Your Strategy Moving Forward

What are you plans, if you're a marketer or affiliate, for using or not using social media (or using it more)?

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