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Faking Your Way Through the Day - A Survival Guide to Working at an Office

Updated on August 30, 2014
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Me? Looking at Help Wanted Ads? Never!

Getting Through the Day

Times are tough and so is the job market. Anyone who is currently employed now is considered lucky. However, that does not help the frustration sometimes. Many of us are sitting at jobs that no longer inspire us. We aren't sure how we got there, and we sure can't figure out how to get out. No matter how many resumes you send out, sometimes the phone just isn't ringing. It can be a challenge waking up to go to a job you dread each day.

The worst part of going to a job you can't stand each day is you can't just sit there like a sourpuss. Managers frown upon that type of behavior and you get a lecture about being positive and something about how lucky you are to have a job at all. So what is a person to do when you are dying on the inside, yet you have to appear happy on the outside? I know what you are thinking... alcohol or antidepressants or both. Good answer, but no, that is not my advice to you. My advice is: fake you way through the day.

Again, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking you already do that everyday just to survive. I understand what you mean and I was doing the same for a while. However, my advice to you is to really "amp it up." You need to take it to a whole new level of fakeness. If you are wondering how you are going to manage that without the help of drugs or alcohol, don't worry. I am going to explain.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Deep down inside, I'll bet you've always secretly wanted to be an actor. Maybe you've never wanted to become a major actor, but perhaps, you at least wanted to star in a school play. Maybe you never got the part, but you deserved it! Well, the time is now, my friend. You are going to be the best actor or actress ever.

Each day before you go to work, you are going to need to get into character. Your character is an enthusiastic, helpful, considerate worker. Furthermore, your character loves all the co-workers. Is there someone you can't stand at your office? Well, from now on, you think that person is awesome. Try to find a quality about him or her that you like at least a little and build from that. Within no time, I'll bet you can be a real sweetheart to that person.

Here are some of the "scenes" you will starring in each day:

  • Friendly conversations during lunch breaks or small office chats.
  • Happily offering to help others.
  • Smiling when one of your co-workers makes a foolish mistake and sets you back on your own project.
  • Joyfully fixing others' mistakes each day.
  • Politely explaining painfully boring tasks to co-workers in a kind, friendly manner even though you've explained the same concept to them repeatedly.
  • Zealously approaching mundane tasks even if you feel your soul is slowly being crushed.
  • Grinning at customers, clients, and others as if life is really grand.

Dress for Success

Now that you are on your way to faking your way through the work day, it is time to dress for the part. The most successful people care about their appearance at work. Maybe you've been slacking off lately in your work attire as you've lost enthusiasm for the job. No worries! Your character is all about making a wonderful impression, so it is never to late to change.

If you are a guy, start wearing a tie to work. Just see what people think. If those around you already wear ties to work, then you need to really step it up with a three piece suit. For the ladies, try wearing a nice suit, too. If your office is a bit more casual, dress up some with a blazer and high heels. After all, your character would not be caught dead wearing office wear that is inappropriate or too casual; so you must dress to impress. Furthermore, people at work might start wondering if you are going to job interviews when you are dressed so nicely. Let them wonder. Maybe they might finally give you that promotion you deserve.

The End of the Day

By the end of the day, you will no doubt be totally exhausted from all the super fakeness you've been dishing out all day. You might sometimes wonder, "What is my motivation?" Well, keeping your job in a crappy economy - that is your motivation! It can't always be like this. While you are looking for a new job, fake your way through the one you already have. Yes, there will be days when you are dying behind that smile, but a great actor works through the pain. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

For now, have fun being an actor each day. If you don't take your new "role" too seriously, you might actually start to have fun with it. That is, if you don't end up in the mental institution for multiple personality disorder or something. I don't think that is likely, but if it is, maybe we will get to be roommates at the institution. At least we wouldn't be at work anymore.


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