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Fall of Capital Economy and Business Policy of Islam

Updated on November 29, 2011
A symbol to closed Capital Economy
A symbol to closed Capital Economy | Source

Soviet Union of Russia fell down in the modern era which was the kingdom of communism. It was just like the fall of a tower built by trump cards. With the fall of the communism’s artificial sun of Soviet Union, the other socialist countries which were orbiting around this sun also crashed down. After the fall of socialist countries the other countries were looking for the status of the capitalist countries. At that time capitalist countries were in a better stand.

But when we look back into the past the throne of capitalists are also getting wear and tear. The present actions by protestors in America and Greece are the evidences for this. American and European countries were listed as top class in capitalist economies. The unemployment, high interest rates and poverty is capturing the normal life of the people with its octopus hands.

Economic Protection

People are getting into the streets to get their rights established. But the selfishness and exploitation policies of the capital economy have not released the people from their net. There arouses the questions of what is the real protection from a capital economy and who will protect the people?

In the recent years from 2008 beginning onwards the world economic system is in turmoil due to the inappropriate policies of companies in the capitalist countries. The market economy capitalism has lost its vitality due to the current economic recession and it’s after effects like unemployment and debt issues of the people. When we see the United States economic status it is going further down with the policies by the congress committee.

The capital flows to emerging market economies is the new trend in the capitalism economy system. This trend has created more recession for the developed countries of Europe. For the question about the protection from capitalism the best solution is to adopt the policies of Islam.

Islam has always maintained rules and regulations for a regulated socialized economy. It has given the ownership to individuals but the real owner of everything in this world is god. It has given equal rights to the employer and employee. It has allowed several ways for the people to achieve the ownership and economic stability while ensured the earnings from the business are lawful and justified. The business policy of Islam prohibits the use of hoarding, black market, interest, casino, cheating and assumption trading which are the present policies of capitalist firms.


The above mentioned are some of the better features of Islam which cannot be acclaimed by socialist, communist or capitalist. Thus the business policy of Islam is better than any other economic policy in this world. So adopt the policies of the Islam and make our life with light of better prospects.


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