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How to Build Your Email List Fast

Updated on January 17, 2013
Email Lists Fast and Easy
Email Lists Fast and Easy | Source

Don't Give up on Readers who Surf Away from Your Webpage

You may have an email list and are having a hard time getting subscribers or you may be considering starting an email list right now. You think you have valuable information for your readers and believe your newsletter will be of value. The reader sees your subscribe box and ponders whether he wants to subscribe to your list and have you marketing emails hit his inbox every few days. It’s as easy as giving your first name and email address but also it may be a hard sell. The reader ponders if the information in your newsletter will really be of value or will it be regularly going in the spam folder. He hesitates and then looks at another spot on the page, loses focus and clicks way from your page. Everyone wants a list these days and I am surprised to hear that some marketers have fewer than 500 people on their list. You can tell who these people are. They opted for the free trial of the email software and the logo is still on the email from the provider. Mail Chimp comes to mind but all providers do this in some way. A list depends on the numbers and art of persuasion to be effective. My advice is to go the paid route if this is a business or deal with a company like SiteBuildIt! who offers email lists built into their website software (Cheaper and better right from the beginning).

So you’ve done SEO (search engine marketing), posted on blogs to increase organic traffic checked Google's keyword tracker, and listened and read everything you can to get people to come to your website and now that they are there you’re email opt-in form doesn't sell or wow them and they surf away from your site.

5 List Building Suggestions

Here’s a few ideas on what you can do to get the lead and hopefully make more money:

  1. Provide a visual enticement. Dress up the opt-in form. If it looks too harsh it may be harder to get someone to sign up. Change the font, the colour, the size or whatever it takes. Surf around and bookmark some of the sites where you think they have a done a good job of it. A photograph in the form template may help as well. If you can’t design a template get one done for you. It may make a big difference in your results.
  2. Offer an e-book on the subject you are promoting. An e-book doesn’t have to be long but it should provide real information that the reader will be able to use. No fluff or else your next email you send may end in the spam folder.
  3. 3. If you have trouble getting an e-book together try proving a kit of forms. Some examples of forms could be a photographer’s wedding shoot checklist or an eBay sales checklist or whatever is pertinent to your niche. This sort of thing is often as valuable as an e-book and can be categorised as a “kit” which has a lot of appeal and use.
  4. If you are selling a product on line you could offer a discount code that expires a short time after the reader signs up. I don’t have a software program to recommend to you but there are lots of these offers online and you often see a clock counting down.
  5. HP has a service called MagCloud and you can upload your e-book or kit there for free and put a price on it. In your thank you message you can give them the link to your page with a free promo code. Once the reader is at the Magcloud site they will see the retail price of the material and they will realise that there is value to the offer.


So there are 5 ways you can try to increase your opt-in rate. They will take a little work on your part to make the offer creative and enticing. If you set your mind to writing an e-book an hour a day should net you one finished page single spaced on MSWord. That’s about 600 words. Once you add photographs and info-grams the book will pad out to about 6-7 pages. A couple of days of writing and a week or so of graphics (insert some online clipart) and assembly and your all set!

Let me know how this works for you in the comments section below.

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    • JanMaklak profile image

      JanMaklak 5 years ago from Canada

      Thanks Terrance. I'm working on 2 products for my email list right now

    • TerrencePlank profile image

      TerrencePlank 5 years ago from Boulder Creek CA

      Enjoy your articles, Jan. Good useful information. Thanks