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Why To Work In Fast Food - A Recession Proof Career

Updated on May 19, 2010
Hamburger with French Fries
Hamburger with French Fries

Looking for a Job? Don't Be So Quick To Dismiss Fast Food!

Are you unemployed right now? Looking for a new career and don't mind working hard at your job? Don't be so quick to think you are either too good or "too smart" or well educated to look to the fast food industry when trying to find work!

There is a rather large stigma attached to the employees who work in fast food. Most imagine some high school drop-out, not very smart OR educated, working for minimum wage. Well, don't be in such a hurry to fall for that way of thinking, especially if you are one of the MANY unemployed workers struggling to make ends meet right now. My husband has been in the fast food business now for about 6 years, and next year, he will come very close to, if not actually making a six figure income! He has no college degree, just a determination and drive to succeed, is a perfectionist about his work, has a winning personality, and the ability to multi-task better than anyone I have ever seen. The main thing he has going for him is this: He is not afraid to work, and work hard. He started at the bottom as a cook, and within a very short length of time, worked his way up the ladder through all of the different management positions, and now is a General Manager and part owner of his own store, plus still has a lot more room for more advancement left within this company. Not to mention the chance now to own more than one store. Our financial future is now secure (as secure as any one's can possibly be) plus we get benefits such as insurance, etc. And the great thing about being in fast food is people are never going to stop eating! The fine dining restaurants will suffer long before the fast food industry starts to feel the effects of a recession, and are one of the first industries to see the results of a pickup in the economy. He was out of a job recently for two months, but that was a bit of a fluke, and he went back to work with the same company, just with the corporation and not one of the franchisee holders, like he was originally. Things worked out better than we could have dared to dream they would.

The people that irritate me are the one's that make remarks like "It's just fast food, it's not rocket science". They have obviously never had to deal with what goes on in a store during a lunch or dinner rush, dealt with a state health audit, done month end paperwork, not to mention the daily reports,or dealt with a couple of school buses loaded with kids from a football or basketball team! Some things to keep in mind if considering going into fast food are:

  1. You must have the ability to make correct decisions on the spot, in a hurry and several at the same time without losing your temper or getting frustrated.
  2. You must be able to deal with disgruntled and sometimes belligerent or intoxicated customers.
  3. You must be able to multi-task and do it well. You have to focus on several things at once and keep up with them all and do them correctly.
  4. You must be honest and be able to handle other people's money because you WILL be held accountable if anything is missing. Many places will hire you and give you a chance, even with a criminal record, as long as it doesn't involve anything such as robbery, burglary, or violent or sexual crimes. This is important if trying to start over in life.
  5. You must be self-driven, be ambitious, and be willing to work long hours in the beginning. It will pay off quickly if you truly apply yourself.
  6. If you DO have a college degree, especially in business, you could be hired into a management position from the very beginning, but you will still have to learn every aspect of the store you work in.
  7. Never ask your employees to do anything you aren't willing to do yourself.

You are probably wondering about the money end of things. Fast food doesn't care if you are male or female. As long as you have the qualities I mentioned above, you can either start at minimum wage plus tips( I know many people that are easily making around $150-$200 a NIGHT just on tips), depending on the type of store, or when you are in management, you can be salary with monthly bonuses. Every company is different. Some offer quite a bit more incentives and benefits than others, so be sure to do your homework on the restaurant you are thinking about going to work at. You are usually required to wear some type of uniform, even if only a company shirt with khakis or slacks of some type, others are quite a bit different. That is another good thing about it, you never have to worry about what to wear to work!

One more great thing about my husband's job now. I haven't had to work since he began working in this industry. Plus,every year, the company has a convention. In the past it has been in Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Diego, and many other places. Next year, it will be in Las Vegas, and we will be staying at the Venetian. Our airfare and rooms, plus most of the meals will be paid for by the company. Hubby will have to go to some meetings, but I am free to do as I please, and he will also have free time to spend with me while we are there, so we can go see shows, gamble, etc. We will be there for around 3 days or so which is plenty for a trip to Vegas! So, on top of his regular paid vacation time, we also get this "working vacation"! I am so excited about all of this, and the really cool thing is, my sister and her husband's company is one of the vendors for my Hubby's company, and they will be there also! So I can hang out with her while everyone else is in the meetings!

The main thing I wanted to do with this article is educate people about the fast food business, and what a really good career you can have, especially if you are unemployed right now. There is a huge turnover rate in fast food, because so many people hire on, not realizing just how hard they are going to have to work. They think it's going to be a "piece of cake", only to find out it is a lot harder than they ever considered. I personally know 1 man right now making five million a year. I also know people that own a lot of stores, and are worth about 600 million now. This couple started out as a carhop and he was a cook. They started at the bottom, and have built an empire! To meet them, you would never know they have 3 homes, their own company plane, etc. My sister and I get to stay in their beach house every year for free, and it is beautiful! Huge, has an elevator, is two story with a wrap around balcony, and a wonderful view of the ocean. Even a gas powered golf cart to take to the store, or go to the beach in. Although, the house is so close, you could easily walk to the beach from the house.

CHECK BELOW FOR BOOKS TO HELP YOU RESEARCH AND LEARN ABOUT THE FAST FOOD INDUSTRY! Plus, I look forward to reading any comments and/or input you might have!


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    • profile image

      Kirk 3 years ago

      - Please let me know if you are having a March wosrhkop. I'm in Texas but have a ton of family and friends I'd like to visit in Scottsdale as well. It would be a great combined trip!

    • profile image

      Lee 3 years ago

      Hi Dwaye,There's a lot of value with your videos. Great job of lyiang out the´╗┐ core concepts of keyword research. People that need to learn more about these concepts are sure to benefit from this high value lesson!All the best,Jim Jinright

    • profile image

      John g 5 years ago

      Laura your husbands case is an exception not the norm. Fast food jobs however are a great place for people without education or English skills. Also the sweat shop nature of work is enough to warrant the extremely high turnover rates. But hey if your making people feel better then power to you.

    • profile image

      Chris Hammons 6 years ago

      Hey this is a really inspiring article. Becouse I am just fresh out of college and right now I am looking for any kind of work. Thanks it make me feel better. But yet this is the path to success.


    • profile image

      leann2800 6 years ago

      I completely agree. I worked in the food industry for ten years and while I have moved on to a job in academia, I have not forgotten the benefits of working in this industry. Great job debunking the social stigma.

    • profile image

      saber653 7 years ago

      Hi Laura,

      Great article! I used to work in fast food when I was a teenager/finishing college and left it to pursue what I thought would be a stable career path. 6 years later and I'm still doing the same job and hating it. Looking back, I had a great time working in fast food as you were always moving, had something to do, and were never bored. Now, I'm a cubi-dweller and miserable.

      Considering going back to the place I used to work at as a shift supervisor...had I stayed, I'm sure I would've been in management but, this article is helping me in my decision.


    • profile image

      Scott 7 years ago

      Laura, Great story....I really enjoyed it. Have you checked out or book? Scott

    • Laura Thykeson profile image

      Laura Thykeson 7 years ago from Central Texas


      Thanks for reading? You are right-never judge or second guess someone else's job in life until you have tried it yourself!

      Laura T.

    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 7 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      One thing we have learned since we have both been self employed is that it is easy to look at somebody else's job and say "that is easy". When you analyse most jobs that pay even reasonably well, a lot of work is involved - but sometimes it is not obvious.

      Thanks for a well written and interesting hub.

    • Laura Thykeson profile image

      Laura Thykeson 8 years ago from Central Texas


      Thanks for stopping by! be sure and tell your son that he better be ready to work his butt off if he goes this direction! "If it's too easy, it ain't worth it", lol!

      Thanks again,

      Laura T

    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 8 years ago from Southern California

      Who knew! As you stated the stigma attached to,"flipping burgers," needs to be overcome, before most young people will look at the industry in a better light. Thanks for the encouragement, and information. I'm going to show this hub to my son, who is out of work. The hub is very well written.