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Top 10 Hot Jobs in Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas

Updated on February 18, 2017

Record-Setting Growth for 20 Years

The Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers metropolitain areas covers Northwest Arkansas in Benton and Washington Counties and Southwest Missouri in Mcdonald County. This tri-cities area is the major economic engine for the state of Arkansas and contribues much to the Missouri state and local enconomies. Agriculture and Travel and Tourism have been sustaining industries. Some records include:

  • The tri-city area was named the Nunber One Best Performing metro area in the USA for 2003, awarded by the well known Milken Institute
  • This area was found to be the 6th fastest growing metropolitan area in the US during the decade 1990-2000, at a rate of 48% averaged among the three counties.
  • After 2000, the metro area continued to grow in population so quickly, that the City of Rogers needed a special additional US Cenus count in 2006, before the standard 2010 US Census could be performed.
  • By 2010, the metro area expects to include over 368,000 people, at an average growth rate of over 18% in just the two Arkansas Counties included. Other US Census Bureau estimates in 2007 placed the population already at 397,399.
  • If growth continues at this rate, the population would reach 882,000 by 2025, more than double the 2000 population.

Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers Area

A markerFayetteville -
Fayetteville, AR, USA
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Immigration into the metro area came largely from elsewhere in the USA 2000 - 2007, and not internationally.
Immigration into the metro area came largely from elsewhere in the USA 2000 - 2007, and not internationally. | Source

Largest Employers

This is one of the few of our nation's large metro area that spans portions of two states and three major cities, along with suburbs.

With a metro area Economic Development Plan ongoing through 2025, this area's largest three employing industries are Trade (28+%), Manufacturing (23+%), and Services (21%). Largest employers include:

  • University of Arkansas Faculty & Staff
  • Northwest Arkansas Mall - Reatil and services
  • Tyson - All Divisions - Food processing
  • Washington Regional Medical System
  • J.B. Hunt Motor Freight
  • Superior Industries
  • Veteran’s Hospital
  • Rogers Public Schools
  • Fayetteville Public Schools
  • WalMart

Very High Demand Jobs

These jobs are in exceedingly high demand in Northwest Arkansas:

  1. Computer Systems Software Engineers - This job title expects to at least double in numbers by 2014.
  2. Marketing Managers
  3. Logisticians (See description below)
  4. Computer Systems Analysts
  5. Market Research Analysts
  6. Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations
  7. Computer and Information Systems (CIS) Managers
  8. Business Operations Specialists - Needed to handle and develop the upsurge in new business and population growth.
  9. Environmental Engineers - Especially in Sustainability and Alternative Energies as well as in infrastructure improvements through 2012.
  10. Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists - Workforce and employment jobs, often with the government and large corporations, as well as with research institutions.

What is a Logistician?

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Working in logistics
Working in logistics
Working in logistics | Source
Army Logistician magazine.
Army Logistician magazine.

This job title is the 3rd highest-demand occupation in the Top 10 List of High Demand Jobs featured above. Its increasing popularity and demand is connected with and increasing freight, shipping, and warehousing economy in Northwestern Arkansas.

It is also related to the logistics expertise furnished by logistics professionals in the US armed forces and federal contractors specializing in logistics during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the early 21st century.

Such expertise is transferable to the civilian workplace as well as it continues to be valuable in the Middle East and other US-occupied areas. Logistics certification programs have emerged as a result of all of this.

Sample Job Description: Logistician or Logistics Manager


  • Manage supply chain activities to maximize business results and achieve competitive advantage.
  • Liaise between client programs and the supply chain structure for purchasing, receiving, warehousing, and shipping.
  • Develop logistic plans, information flow, and long-term planning.


  • Coordinate and track all inventory moving in/out and keep relevant records and reports.
  • Ensure on-time delivery to clients; investigate and resolve all delivery issues.
  • Provide accountability for all shipments, requisitions, and orders.
  • Develop cost estimates and proposals.
  • Maintain files for accountability and cross checks. Conduct & supervise staff in regular inventories; maintain correspondence.
  • Liaise between programs, project manager, and logistics staff; provide information and logistical guidance.
  • Communicate to build effective relationships with clients and to build repeart and new business.
  • Increase company profit margin by managing costs and reducing losses.
  • Optimize the supply chain via effective inventory use, demand forecasting, and distribution logistics.
  • Provide continuous improvements in cost savings and efficiency.
  • Identify and instruct staff in best practices; develop innovative solutions for improvement; present reports.
  • Attend logistics/supply chain conferences, audits, reviews, and training.
  • Support and train team members; provide input on employee evaluations.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Logistics, or related field <OR>
  • High School Diploma and Equivalent Work Experience in logistics (uually one year of work substitutes for one year of higher education).
  • Demonstrate proficiency in MS Office Suite 2003 & 2007.
  • Use effective oral and written communication skills at all levels of the organization.
  • Have solid organizational skills and ability to manage time and multiple projects.
  • Demonstrate superior problem-solving skills and analytical abilities.

Old Main, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Old Main, Fayetteville, Arkansas | Source

Jobs and Growth

These next 10 fastest-growing high demand jobs are increasing 2014 - 2016 at a rate of 75 - 85%.

  1. Sales Reps, Wholesale & Mfg, Technical
  2. Financial Analysts
  3. Legal Support Workers
  4. Engineers - all others besides environmental.
  5. Computer Specialists
  6. Sales Managers
  7. Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Specialists
  8. Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  9. Computer Support Specialists
  10. Computer and Mathematical jobs

Strongest local growth industries include:

  1. Management of Companies and Enterprises
  2. Professional and Business Services
  3. Technical Services
  4. Delivery - Couriers and Messengers
  5. Truck Transportation - Freight and shipping
  6. Paper Manufacturing
  7. Miscellaneous Store Retailers
  8. Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Search Portals, & Data Processing
  9. Transportation & Warehousing; Logistics

Openings are also increasing in Forestry and Logging and for Customer Service Representatives.

Green Valley Sustainability aides growth.

Many communities of Northwestern Arkansas are committed to sustainability in business, government, and education. A description of a number of these programs is available at Green Valley Sustainability. Among other projects, one potential partnership mentioned on the site is one with Swedish companies that are considering moving new business into the Northwestern Arkansas region.

The Green Building Initiative is a serious undertaking at the University of Arkansas, as is its Campus Sustainability Initiative: University of Arkansas Sustainability.

One major achievement in the area is that of Fayetteville, which in January 2007 became the #2 City in the Nation for the percentage and numbers of incandescent light bulbs changed over to energy-efficient CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) citywide. In addition, Fayetteville aims to become a "Green" Silicon Valley. Retailers such as area WalMart stores, as well as computer related firms, have begun the advance toward sustainability in businesses.

Higher Education

  • John Brown University - Siloam Springs
  • North Arkansas College - Harrison
  • Northwest Arkansas Community College - Bentonville
  • University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
  • Webster University in Fayetteville


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